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R. A, T OR R E ¥

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I possess absolutely, unconditionally, for ever, to

thy control and use." It was when the burnt
offering, whole, no part held back, was laid upon
the altar that "there came forth fire from before
the Lord" and accepted the gift (Lev. ix: 24), and

it is when we bring ourselves a whole burnt offer-
ing to the Lord, and lay ourselves thus upon the
altar, that the fire comes and God thus accepts the
gift. Here we touch upon the hindrance to the
Baptism with the Holy Spirit in many lives:
there is not total surrender, the will is not laid

down, the heart does not cry, "Lord, where thou

wilt, what thou wilt, as thou wilt." One man
desires the Baptism with the Holy Spirit that he

may preach or work with power in Boston, when
God wishes him in Bombay. Another, that he
may preach to popular audiences, when God
wishes him to plod among the poor. A young
woman at a convention expressed a stroig desire
that some one would speak on the Baptism with

the Holy Spirit. The address went home with
power to her heart. She had been for some time in

deep- travail of soul when I asked her what it
was that she desired. "Oh," she cried, I "cannot

go back to Baltimore until I am baptised with
the Holy Spirit. ' ' "Is your will laid down?' ' * *I

don't know." "You wish to go back to Baltimore
to be a Christian worker?" "Yes." ^' Are you

willing to go back to Baltimore and be a servant

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girl if that is where God wishes you?" *'No, I
amnot." "Well, you will never get the Baptism
with the Holy Spirit until you are. Will you
la}^ your will down?" "I can't" "Are you
willing God should lay it down for you? " "Yes."
"Well, then, ask Him to do it." The head was
bowed in brief but earnest prayer. "Did God
hear that prayer?" "He must have, it was
according to His will; He did." "Now ask Him
for the Baptism with the Holy Spirit." Again
the head was bowled and the brief, earnest prayer
ascended to God. There was a brief silence and
the agony was over, the blessing had come

when the will was surrendered. There are many
who hold back from this total surrender because
they fear God's will. They are afraid God's will
may be something dreadful. Remember who
God is. He is our Father. Never an earthly
father had so loving and tender a will regarding
his children as He has toward us. "No good
thing will He withhold from them that walk
uprightly." (Ps. Ixxxiv: 11). "He that spared
not His own Son, but delivered him up for us all,
how shall he not with him also freely give us all
things?" There is nothing to be feared in God's
will. God' swill will always prove in the final out-
come the best and sweetest thing in all God's uni-

5. The fifth step is found in I^uke xi: 13. "If

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