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The Matrix and the US Constitution

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The Constitution is not for “We the
People:” As mentioned before, the
Colonists were never presented the
Constitution to vote on its passage and
approval because the Constitution was
never written for them and has been
rewritten two more times since then, but
only our government officials know about
that! And now, so do you!

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Did you know that 98% of the Law
Schools in America and England do not
include Constitutional Law as a part of
their law curriculum? The reason for this
phenomenon is because Constitutional
Law does not apply to or affect the
enforcement of statutes, codes or
administrative regulations, which have
replaced constitutional law, the common
law, public law and penal law and which
have been designed to control you

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The corporate governments and their
courts, only have jurisdiction over
corporations. Corporations have no rights
or jurisdiction over living people and are
only provided considerations, which have
been pre-negotiated in contracts by their
directors. Otherwise, they’re governed
totally by commercial law, and so are you!

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The IMF holds the controlling interest in
all the banks in America! The IMF is the
Rockefeller and Rothschild Empires,
along with the eleven wealthiest families
in the World.

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Not one penny of the Direct Federal
Income Tax, paid through the IRS, is ever
for or deposited into the United States
Treasury. Those Taxes are deposited into

the Federal Reserve Bank for the Masters
use. So how is this direct tax good for us?
The IRS belongs to the International
Monetary Fund, who also owns the
Federal Reserve Bank.

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The state constitutions were rewritten
again during the Clinton Administration,
except now they are called the
Constitutions of Interdependence! These
Constitutions read just like the Declaration
of Independence, except that “We the
People” have been eliminated.

Pg 24
To take a loyalty oath to support, defend
and obey the Constitution now is to swear
an oath to your Masters to be ever loyal to
them! “Slaves you are and slaves you will
ever be!”

Pg 30
Equity Law, which once controlled
Americas’ Corporate Courts, has been
replaced with Admiralty/Maritime Law,
pursuant to Title 28 of the United States
Code and the Judiciary Act of 1789. This
is the Law of Merchants and Sailors.

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We are not free men; we are slaves, and
bound to our Masters by adhesion
contracts and secret Trusts. The goal of
the masters and their (agents) our elected
officials, is to keep the people oppressed
and subservient to them!

Pg 30
The more regulations, statutes and codes
created, and the greater the number of
regulatory officers and agencies created to
enforce them; the greater the Masters
control over their Slaves and that is mind
control by force and threat of force, by the
very people we rely on, to protect and


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The Matrix and the US Constitution

4) Article SIX, Section ONE of the Constitution is the law that makes American
Citizens responsible to file income tax returns and not because of Title 26 of the
United States Code. Parts of our flawed history, taught to you by our
government controlled school system, accurately described that the English
people had been taxed into a state of poverty by King George and was one of the
reasons the Colonists fled Europe for the New World. So how is this good for

The Internal Revenue Service3

The IRS is not a U. S. Government Agency, they are Agents of a Foreign Power,
operating under a private contract and your obligation to pay and file federal
taxes is a scam! Only federal employees and persons born in Washington, DC
and the federal territories were ever obligated to pay and file, prior to The Stamp
Act but we were never informed of that fact!

Our government has brainwashed us into believing that the National Debt is all
our responsibility, and a patriotic responsibility to pay our fair share! Here’s the
Truth about that subject!

The National Debt is a Federal Debt, and always has been! The name change
was the clever use of “propaganda” intended to invoke our civil patriotic pride!
The foreign Agents in charge of our government; have been borrowing funds to
line their pockets with, to buy influence, make business deals and seal Treaties
with communist Third World Countries and Dictators, which will never benefit
“We the People.” They have lied to us, enslaved us, imprisoned us and sold our
gold to the Vatican in 1933 and invested the proceeds for their selves! The
money they have been borrowing since 1933; is not real money but, “negotiable
debt instruments,” which is the same thing as monopoly money! This means that
in order to pay off the Federal/National Debt; all they ever had to do was print a
money order, without any account numbers on it, for the entire debt, sign it and
present it to the lender (The Federal Reserve Bank) and the debt is paid in full!

The foreign agents who purport to be our public officials; are responsible for
eliminating the strength of the American Labor Unions, the elimination of our
jobs, the erosion of our inalienable rights, and have instigated every war or
conflict we have ever become involved with in history and they convinced us
that it was the other guys fault! They have converted us into corporate fictions,
and sold us as securities to foreign corporate investors, and have denied us our
heritage! Everything they have been doing is designed to undermine our

3 See: 31 Questions and Answers About the IRS:


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