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TitleQuitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job
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Table of Contents
                            CHAPTER 1 Don’t Quit Your Day Job
CHAPTER 2 Removing The “I’m” From Your “But”
CHAPTER 3 What Lies Between a Day Job and a Dream Job
CHAPTER 4 Falling in Like With a Job You Don’t Love
CHAPTER 5 Wait on the Main Stage
CHAPTER 6 There Will Be Hustle
CHAPTER 7 Learn to Be Successful at Success
CHAPTER 8 Quit Your Day Job
EPILOGUE The Three Reasons You’ll Ignore Everything You Just Read
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Wait on the Main Stage

“We’ve got to get you on the main stage.”
My friend said this when I told him that a leadership group named Catalyst
asked me to speak at all three of their events in 2011. Just not on the main stage.
Catalyst is one of the largest leadership conferences in the country and is
broken up into primarily two sections, main stage and labs. The conference is
officially a two-day event, starting on Thursday and finishing on Friday. More
than 13,000 people attend. On Wednesday, as a kind of pregame, they hold small
lab sessions. About 4,000 people attend these and there are usually close to 100
different sessions you can choose from.

So the difference of being on the main stage versus a lab is significant. On the
main stage you speak at the Gwinnett Center to more than 13,000 people on a
stage built of LED lights that is U2-worthy. In the lab, you speak to at best a few
hundred people in a conference room in an adjacent building that may have held
a luncheon for Atlanta tax attorneys the day before.
The main stage is an admirable goal and having spoken at three labs in the
past two years, it is one a few of my friends have wanted me to have achieved
already. Meant as a compliment, as a “Go get ’em, tiger, you’re good enough to
speak on the main stage!” those words often get a little twisted in my head. What
I hear when people ask me about the main stage is, “What’s wrong with you?
Why haven’t they asked you to speak on the main stage yet? Speaking at a lab is
a failure. Didn’t you already speak at a bunch of labs? If you’re not careful
you’re going to get stuck at ‘lab level’ and they’ll never see you as a main-stage
Although you might not have the ability to turn a positive question from a
friend into a paragraph-long denouncement of your dream, you have experienced
moments when you didn’t feel like things were progressing fast enough. You’ve
tasted a bit of the dream and thought,

I completely agree with you.

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This is the march to the main stage! We need to get going! There are tons of
really amazing things to do!
But I want us to go slow.

I want us to go small.
I want us to get comfortable with being “lab level.”
Because it’s the only real way to reach stay on the main stage. And it
starts with a plan.

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What’s something that makes you feel alive that you wish you were doing?

What do you hope is true of your life in six months? A year? Three years?

Sometimes, the first step to closing the gap between your day job and your
dream job is to answer those questions honestly, out loud, to yourself.

I want to give you a place to do that, so I created a toll-free number you can call.

When you call it, you’ll hear a message from me and can then leave a message
for yourself. I’ll never share or sell your number. I won’t email you the message
or make you check back on it ever again. This is just your chance to tell yourself
out loud about the you, you’d like to be.

Here’s the number. I hope to hear from you soon and often.


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