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Table of Contents
	Basic Ideas of TGD
		TGD as a Poincare invariant theory of gravitation
		TGD as a generalization of the hadronic string model
		Fusion of the two approaches via a generalization of the space-time concept
	The threads in the development of quantum TGD
		Quantum TGD as spinor geometry of World of Classical Worlds
		TGD as a generalized number theory
		Hierarchy of Planck constants and dark matter hierarchy
		TGD as a generalization of physics to a theory consciousness
	Bird's eye of view about the topics of the book
	The contents of the book
		Bio-Systems as Super-Conductors: Part I
				General ideas about super-conductivity in many-sheeted space-time
				TGD inspired model for high Tc superconductivity
				Empirical evidence for high Tc superconductivity in bio-systems
			General TGD based view about super-conductivity
				Basic phenomenology of super-conductivity
				Universality of the parameters in TGD framework
				Quantum criticality and super-conductivity
				Space-time description of the mechanisms of super-conductivity
				Super-conductivity at magnetic flux tubes
			TGD based model for high Tc super conductors
				Some properties of high Tc super conductors
				TGD inspired vision about high Tc superconductivity
			Evidence for electronic superconductivity in bio-systems
				DNA as a conductor?
				DNA as a super-conductor?
				Conducting DNA and metabolism
				Some empirical evidence for super conductivity in bio-systems
				Microtubular space-time sheets as super conductors?
				Are living systems high Tc superconductors?
			Exotic atoms, wormhole super conductivity and wormhole magnetic fields
				Exotic atoms
				Mono-atomic elements as dark matter and high Tc super-conductors?
				Wormholes and super-conductors
		Bio-Systems as Super-Conductors: Part II
				Strange behavior of cellular water and quantal ionic currents through cell membrane
				General mechanisms of bio-superconductivity
				Hierarchies of preferred p-adic length scales and values of Planck constant
				Fractal hierarchy of magnetic flux sheets and the hierarchy of genomes
				Bose-Einstein condensates at magnetic flux quanta in astrophysical length scales
				Atmospheric phenomena and superconductivity
			Empirical support for ionic super-conductivity as a fundamental control mechanism
				Strange behavior of the intracellular water
				Are channels and pumps really there?
				Could the notion of the many-sheeted space-time solve the paradoxes?
				Water memory, homeopathy, and acupuncture
			Could cell correspond to almost vacuum extremal?
				Cell membrane as almost vacuum extremal
				Are photoreceptors nearly vacuum extremals?
			TGD based model for qualia and sensory receptors
				A general model of qualia and sensory receptor
				Qualia and DNA as topological quantum computer hypothesis
				Overall view about qualia
				About detailed identification of the qualia
			The roles of Josephson radiation, cyclotron radiation, and of magnetic body
				The role of Josephson currents
				What is the role of the magnetic body?
				Magnetic homeostasis and magnetic circulation?
				Some remarks and questions
			Models for ionic superconductivity
				Model for ionic superconductivity
				Super conductors of exotic bosonic counterparts of fermionic ions
				More quantitative picture about Bose-Einstein condensates
			Atmospheric phenomena and super-conductivity
				Tornadoes as a macroscopic quantum phenomenon involving super-conductivity?
				Auroras as an astrophysical quantum phenomenon?
				Lightnings, sprites, elves, and the hypothesis of magnetic sensory canvas
				Hierarchy of Planck constants and the generalization of the notion of imbedding space
				Could the dynamics of Kähler action predict the hierarchy of Planck constants?
				Cyclotron frequencies and Larmor frequencies
		Quantum Antenna Hypothesis
				Massless extremals and quantum antenna hypothesis
				Quantum antenna hypothesis and brain consciousness
				Relationship of TGD approach with microtubular approach
				MEs and information molecules
				MEs and quantum holography
				MEs and the notion of conscious hologram
				Negative energy MEs and bio-control
				MEs and dark matter hierarchy
			Massless extremals
				Massless extremals as general solutions of field equations
				About the electro-weak and color fields associated with massless extremals
				How massless extremals generate  coherent states of photons?
				Massless extremal is accompanied by a Bose-Einstein condensate of parallel photons
				MEs and exotic representations of p-adic Super Virasoro algebra
			Microtubules as quantum antennae
				Linear structures as quantum antennae
				Are microtubules accompanied by massless extremals?
				How macroscopic quantum coherence is generated?
				Are nerve pulse patterns coded into vacuum currents and coherent light?
			Masless extremals and information molecules
				Questions about information molecules
				A model of biological self-organization based on quantum antenna hypothesis
			Evidence for quantum antenna hypothesis
				TGD inspired model for sonoluminescence
				Stirred and shaken
				Evidence for quantum antenna hypothesis in living systems
				Biefeld-Brown effect
			Quantum holography and MEs
				Quantum holography in the sense of quantum gravity theories
				Generalization of the solution ansatz defining massless extremals (MEs)
				Quantum holography in non-cosmological length scales
				Super-symplectic representations, quantum holography, and consciousness
				Quantum holography and quantum information theory
				MEs and qualia
				Connection with the notion of wave-DNA
				p-Adic cognition and the existence of double-sheeted MEs and wormhole magnetic fields
				Connection with quantum holography involved with NMR
			Appendix: A model for the topological condensation of coherent vapor phase photons
				The action
				Coherent state is generated in resonant-like manner for light-like vacuum currents
				Stimulated topological condensation
		Wormhole Magnetic Fields
			Basic conceptual framework
				Basic concepts
				Gauge charges and gauge fluxes
				The relationship between inertial gravitational masses
				Can one regard # resp. #B contacts as particles resp. string like objects?
				TGD based description of external fields
				Number theoretical considerations
			Model for topologically quantized magnetic field
				Topological field quantization
				Mind like space-time sheets
				Do mind-like space-time sheets perform simple mimicry?
				Model for wormhole flux tube as a hollow cylinder
				Wormhole flux tubes need not be closed in ordinary sense
				Wormhole flux tubes form a macroscopic quantum system
				The interaction of coherent light with wormhole flux tubes
				Quantum antenna hypothesis and wormholes
				Phantom DNA effect, Comorosan effect, DNA as a conductor, ORMEs: four peculiar effects with a common explanation
			Comorosan effect, phantom DNA effect and homeopathy
				Comorosan effect
				Phantom DNA effect
				Mind-like space-time sheets, mimicry and homeopathy
			Subcellular control and wormhole flux tubes
				Intracellular bio-control and memory
				Coding of genetic information to topologically quantized fields?
				Are magnetic and wormhole magnetic fields involved with the control of gene expression?
				Wormhole flux tubes as templates of bio-structures
			TGD inspired models for psychokinesis
				Wormhole magnetic fields and psychokinesis
				Alternative models of psychokinesis
				Experimental tests
		Dark Nuclear Physics and Condensed Matter
				Dark rules
				Some implications
			A generalization of the notion of imbedding space as a realization of the hierarchy of Planck constants
				Hierarchy of Planck constants and the generalization of the notion of imbedding space
				Could the dynamics of Kähler action predict the hierarchy of Planck constants?
			General ideas about dark matter
				How the scaling of  affects physics and how to detect dark matter?
				General view about dark matter hierarchy and interactions between relatively dark matters
				How dark matter and visible matter interact?
				Could one demonstrate the existence of large Planck constant photons using ordinary camera or even bare eyes?
				Dark matter and exotic color and electro-weak interactions
				Anti-matter and dark matter
			Dark variants of nuclear physics
				Constraints from the nuclear string model
				Constraints from the anomalous behavior of water
				Exotic chemistries and electromagnetic nuclear darkness
			Has dark matter been observed?
				Optical rotation of a laser beam in a magnetic field
				Do nuclear reaction rates depend on environment?
				Refraction of gamma rays from silicon prism?
			Water and new physics
				The 41 anomalies of water
				The model
				Further comments on 41 anomalies
				Genes and water memory
				Burning water and photosynthesis
			Connection with mono-atomic elements, cold fusion, and sono-luminescence?
				Mono-atomic elements as dark matter and high Tc super-conductors?
				Connection with cold fusion?
				Does Rossi's reactor give rise to cold fusion?
				Sono-luminescence, classical Z0 force, and hydrodynamic hierarchy of p-adic length scales
			Dark atomic physics
				Dark atoms and dark cyclotron states
				Could q-Laguerre equation relate to the claimed fractionation of the principal quantum number for hydrogen atom?
				Shy positrons
		Dark Forces and Living Matter
				Evidence for long range weak forces and new nuclear physics
				Dark rules
				Weak form of electric magnetic duality, screening of weak charges, and color confinement?
				Dark weak forces and almost vacuum extremals
			Weak form electric-magnetic duality and color and weak forces
				Could a weak form of electric-magnetic duality hold true?
				Magnetic confinement, the short range of weak forces, and color confinement
			Dark matter hierarchy, genetic machinery, and the un-reasonable selectivity of bio-catalysis
				Dark atoms and dark cyclotron states
				Spontaneous decay and completion of dark fractional atoms as a basic mechanisms of bio-chemistry?
				The new view about hydrogen bond and water
			TGD based model for cell membrane as sensory receptor
				Could cell correspond to almost vacuum extremal?
				General model for qualia and sensory receptor
				Some implications of the model of cell membrane as sensory receptor
				A general model of qualia and sensory receptor
				Detailed model for the qualia
				Overall view about qualia
				About detailed identification of the qualia
		About the New Physics Behind Qualia
				Living matter and dark matter
				Macroscopic quantum phases in many-sheeted space-time
				Mind like space-time sheets as massless extremals
				Classical color and electro-weak fields in macroscopic length scales
				Mersenne hypothesis
				p-Adic-to-real transitions as transformation of intentions to actions
				Exotic super-Virasoro representations
			Dark matter and living matter
				Hierarchy of Planck constants and the generalization of the notion of imbedding space
				Could the dynamics of Kähler action predict the hierarchy of Planck constants?
				Dark atoms and dark cyclotron states
				Dark matter and mind: general ideas
				Dark matter hierarchy, sensory representations, and motor action
			MEs and mes
				Massless extremals
				About the electro-weak and color fields associated with massless extremals
				MEs as absorbing and emitting quantum antennae
				Quantum holography and quantum information theory
				MEs and quantum control
				Experimental evidence for MEs
			Bio-systems as superconductors
				General mechanisms for superconductivity
				Superconductivity at magnetic flux quanta in astrophysical length scales
				Fractal hierarchy of EEGs and ZEGs
				TGD assigns 10 Hz biorhythm to electron as an intrinsic frequency scale
			Many-sheeted space-time, universal metabolic quanta, and plasmoids as primitive life forms
				Evidence for many-sheeted space-time
				Laboratory evidence for plasmoids as life forms
				Universal metabolic quanta
				Life as a symbiosis of plasmoids and biological life
			Quantum model for the direct currents of Becker
				Connection between laser induced healing, acupuncture, and association of DC currents with the healing of wounds
				Quantum model for effective semiconductor property
				A model for remote gene expression
			Exotic color and electro-weak interactions
				Long range classical weak and color gauge fields as correlates for dark massless weak bosons
				Dark color force as a space-time correlate for the strong nuclear force?
				How brain could deduce the position and velocity of an object of perceptive field?
			Exotic representations of super-symplectic algebra
				Exotic p-adic representations as representations for which states are almost p-adic fractals
				Mersenne primes and Gaussian Mersennes are special
				The huge degeneracies of the exotic states make them ideal for representational purposes
				Could one assign life-forms to the exotic Super-Virasoro representations?
			Basic properties of CP2
				CP2 as a manifold
				Metric and Kähler structure of CP2
				Spinors in CP2
				Geodesic sub-manifolds of CP2
			CP2 geometry and standard model symmetries
				Identification of the electro-weak couplings
				Discrete symmetries
			Basic facts about induced gauge fields
				Induced gauge fields for space-times for which CP2 projection is a geodesic sphere
				Space-time surfaces with vanishing em, Z0, or Kähler fields
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Matti Pitkänen

K�oydenpunojankatu D 11, 10900, Hanko, Finland

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Page 646


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