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Pussycats — Ashcan. Published by E-Comix, 7661 Swallow Road, Sykesville, MD 21784. ©Copyright 2014 E-Comix.
All Rights Reserved. All names, characters, events, locales in this publication are purely fictional except for “Karen Summer”
and “Tanya Tate.” Any similarities to other persons (living or dead), events, institutions, or locales are purely coincidental.
No portion of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the expressed written
permission of E-Comix, except for artwork used for review purposes. Printed in USA. For information regarding press, media
rights, foreign rights, licensing, promotions, and advertising email [email protected]

Vince Brusio (E-Comix President/Publisher)
Web: • Email: [email protected] • Twitter:

Legendary adult film actress Karen Summer stars in Pussycats #0, a
self-contained origin issue that leads into a four-issue mini-series
released by E-Comix in 2015.

Prior to the ruling, adult
movies were filmed in secret
locations, and it was in those
discreet places that the
United States government
manufactured identities in
its fight against communism
during the Cold War.

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It’s costumed girls, guns, and glory coming
to a comic shop near you in 2015!

The Ladies

Cowgirl Cathy

BIO: A self-
“90s bitch” Dixie
chick who quits
“stardom” in the
porn industry to
become a part-
time “celebrity”
at the escort
service, Sophie’s
Place, Cathy also
moonlights as a
and is now
involved with her
“Sundance Kid,”
Schoolgirl Suzie.
She listens to
Glen Campbell,
and believes rude
people should
be shanked, then

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Nurse Nancy Mother Superior

BIO: A refugee from the Soviet
Union after the Berlin Wall
fell in 1989, Nancy emigrated
to the U.S. to live in New York
City, where her employment in
adult films soon led to her
escort job at Sophie’s Place.

Practical, precise, and
acrobatic, she is a house of
secrets, indifferent to pain,
and mentally notes who she
must kill before her own life
expires. She loves America, and
hates spoiled Americans.

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Listen Live Every Wed 6:15-8:15pm PST


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