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Introduction 5

Chapter One “The Enemy was in US”: Platoon and Sixties
Commemoration 62

Platoon in Production, 1976-1982 65
Public Politics/Personal Authenticity: Platoon from Script to Screen 73
From Vietnam to the Sixties: Promotion and Reception 88

Conclusion 101

Chapter Two “There are a lot of things about me that aren’t what you
thought”: Dirty Dancing and Women’s Liberation

Dirty Dancing in Production, 1980-1987 106
Public Politics/Personal Authenticity: Dirty Dancing from Script to Screen 114
“Have the Time of Your Life”: Promotion and Reception 131
Conclusion 144

Chapter Three Bad Sixties/ Good Sixties: JFK and the Sixties Generation 146

Lost Innocence/Lost Ignorance: Kennedy Commemoration and the Sixties 149
Innocence Lost: Adaptation and Script Development, 1988-1991 155
In Search of Authenticity: JFK’s “Good Sixties” 164
Through the Looking Glass: Promotion and Reception 173
Conclusion 185

Chapter Four “Out of the Prison of Your Mind”: Framing Malcolm X 188

A Civil Rights Sixties 191
A Change is Gonna Come: Producing Malcolm X 200
“Getting the Word Out”: Promotion and Reception 214
Conclusion 227

Chapter Five “That’s all I’ve got to Say about that”: A Tale of Two Sixties in
Forrest Gump 229

Suspicious Minds: The Sixties in 1992 231
For the Good Times: Scripting Clinton/Scripting Gump 235
Public Politics/Personal Authenticity: Forrest Gump, 1993-1994 242
The Sixties Has Left the Building: Promotion and Reception 259
Conclusion 270

Conclusion 272

Bibliography 293

Page 309



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