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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Overview of Project Management
Chapter 2 Staffing the Project Team
Chapter 3 Fundamentals of Scheduling
Chapter 4 Computer Tools for Project Management
Chapter 5 Technical, Schedule, Financial Management
Chapter 6 Cost Estimating
Chapter 7 Leadership Fundamentals
Chapter 8 Effective Communications
Chapter 9 Economic Decision Making
Chapter 10 Contract Planning Essentials
Chapter 11 Commissioning Construction Projects
Chapter 12 Case Study: Microbial Abatement of a Moldy Hotel
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Project Management and
Leadership Skills for

Engineering and
Construction Projects

Barry Benator, P.E., C.E.M.
Albert Thumann, P.E., C.E.M.

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110 Project Management and Leadership Skills

Positive Expectations about Their People
The outstanding leader starts out with a positive mindset

about his or her people. His or her positive expectations are based
on respect for people’s dignity and self worth. The expectation is
that when people are treated well they will do well. It’s not an
unrealistic pollyanna view of their people, but rather a positive
bias that is sensed by the team members and which tends to instill
a sense of wanting to live up to the expectations of the leader. The
following are ways in which outstanding leaders display positive
expectations toward their people.

• Has a strong conviction that subordinates are valuable resources.

Good leaders listen to their people. They provide feedback to
people on their input. The outstanding leader understands that he
or she does not know it all. One outstanding leader put it this way
“I try hard, but I’m not God. I don’t have all the answers. Sure, I
make all the major decisions, but I take full advantage of the ex-
perience and ingenuity sitting out there.”

And when people are treated as intelligent adults with some-
thing to contribute, it builds their self-confidence, morale and
project commitment.

• Acknowledges a person’s strengths as well as shortcomings (bal-
anced perspective—avoids halo or dirtbag labels about people).

No one is all good or all bad. When a person has performed
poorly, it’s easy to condemn him or her overall. Similarly, one
good performance might produce the “halo effect”—the idea that
the person can do no wrong.

The outstanding leader takes a balanced approach to assess-
ing people. He or she doesn’t hold well-intentioned mistakes
against persons (unless they are excessive). Similarly, the out-
standing leader recognizes that the “star” performer may have
gaps in his or her skills and seeks to help fill those gaps through
training, coaching, etc.

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111 Leadership Fundamentals

• Directly expresses to people the belief that they can and will suc-

When a leader is positive about his/her people—”Betty, I
know you’ll do a great job on this project”—it has the effect of
elevating the person’s performance to meet the leader’s expecta-
tions. The person is inclined to not let the leader down. Just think
about your own reaction to someone you respect who expresses
confidence in you. Don’t you want to live up to that person’s

Informed Judgment
Even the best managed and led projects encounter bumps

along the road to success. Sometimes, it can be very stressful for
everyone, especially the leader. Some leaders react inappropriately
to setbacks by “tripping out on overload” and begin screaming,
pointing fingers and denigrating the people he or she thinks
caused the problem(s). Even worse, the leader may take out his/
her frustrations on anyone nearby. The outstanding leader on the
other hand tends to keep a cool head, press for the facts, strive for
objectivity and seeks to reach sound conclusions.

• Forms opinions and makes decisions on information and the iden-
tification of available facts.

The outstanding leader doesn’t rush to judgment. He or she
is not a “screamer” and stays calm when others are crisising. This
ability to stay calm in stressful circumstances, when chaos and
confusion are swirling all around, promotes confidence in the
leader by his or her people and others around him/her. This re-
sults in everyone being able to focus their energies on finding the
best solutions rather than responding to the leader’s rantings or

• Makes decisions or draws conclusions using data and information
from own and others’ experiences.

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Index 229

major equipment 82�
management 4�
MBWA—Management by Walking�

Around 117�
McBer and Company 104�
measured contracts 192�
microbial abatement 216, 217, 218,�

milestone dates 61�
modeling expected behavior 115�
molds 217, 220, 222�

remediation 215�
monitoring for results 126�
multiple influence strategies 115�
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®�

(MBTI®) 123�

network development 35�

outstanding leader competencies�

outstanding leader competency�

model 106�
outstanding leader model 104�

painting 88�
payback period method 150�
people 13, 14�
percentage of project costs 90�
persistent 126�
PERT chart 45, 51�
piling 84�
piping estimate review 85�
piping estimating methods 85�
planning 4, 123�

political considerations 96�
positive expectations 110�
postmeeting action plan 58, 59�
powered air-purifying respirators�

(PAPRs) 221�
pre-estimating survey 95�
precedence 39�

diagramming 33�
printing costs 68�
procurement program consider-�

ations 96�
productivity 89�
program evaluation & review tech�-

nique (PERT) 29, 30�
project conditions review 81�
project control system 62�
project manager 1�
project plan 5, 39�
project team meeting 54�
proration estimates 76�
pumps 83�
purpose(s) of estimates 74�

quality of estimate 73�
quantity unit/cost estimates 77�

re-commissioning 199, 200, 201,�

203, 204, 205, 208�
recognizing and praising good�

work 118�
recruiting 15, 16�
reflecting feelings 146�
reimbursable cost contracts 190�
reports 45�
resources 5, 43�

allocation 42�
conflicts 8�

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230 Project Management and Leadership Skills

leveling 44

reports 46

responsibility 1, 3, 107

restating in your own words 145

rewards 1, 2

roads and paving 84

salvage value 173

sanity checks 59

schedule 10

display 42

management 60

scheduling 29

tools 10

scope review 80

seasonal impacts 8

sense of responsibility 107

shipping costs 67

silence 145

simple network 33

single payment compound amount


single payment present worth 153

sinking fund payment 168

site preparation 84

spreadsheet program 38

STAF 26, 27

staffing 16

standards 55

standards and expectations 119

storage tanks 83

subcontractor cost management 64

sum-of-years digits 176

symbols 118

target contracts 191

technical management 54

technical review meetings 56

temporary facilities 89

time value of money 151

time-scaled network 33

total installed cost per unit 87

tracking progress 44

travel costs 66

trends 113

underground piping and sewers 84

understand first 145

uniform series compound amount


uniform series present worth 166


vessels 82

WBS 41, 42

work breakdown structure (WBS)


worker safety 218

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