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TitleProbability and Statistics
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Table of Contents
Front Matter
Table of Contents
Part One: What is Probability?
1. The Idea of Randomness
	Randomness before the Theory of Probability
	Early Difficulties in Developing a Theory of Randomness
	Randomness and Religion Today in Burkina Faso
2. The Nature of Chance
	Cardano's Mistake
	Cardano on Luck and Math
	Galileo Galilei
	Peirre de Fermat and Blaise Pascal
	The Division of Stakes, an Alternative Interpretation
	Christian Huygens
	Jacob Bernoulli
	Abraham de Moivre
	De Moivre on Math and Luck
	The Bell Curve
3. Surprising Insights into Probability and Its Uses
Thomas Bayes and Inverse Probability
Buffon and the Needle Problem
Daniel Bernoulli and Smallpox
Jean le Rond d'Alembert and the Evaluation of Risk
Leonhard Euler and Lotteries
4. Randomness in a Deterministic Universe
	Simeon-Denis Poisson
	The Poisson Distribution
5. Random Processes
	James Clerk Maxwell
	Brownian Motion Revisited
	Markov Processes
	A Markov Chain
6. Probability as a Mathematical Discipline
	Theory and Practice
7. Three Applications of the Theory of Probability
	Nuclear Reactor Safety
	Markov Chains and Information Theory
	Smallpox in Modern Historical Times
Part Two: Statistics
	Introduction: The Age of Information
8. The Beginnings of Statistics
	The Beginnings of Statistics
	Edmund Halley
	Breslau Table for Number and Infinity
9. Data Analysis and the Problem of Precision
	The Misuse of Statistics
10. The Birth of Modern Statistics
	Karl Pearson
	R.A. Fisher
11. The Theory of Sampling
	The Problem
	Walter Shewhart and Statistical Quality Control
	William Edwards Deming
12. Three Applications of Statistics
	The Birth of Epidemiology
	The U.S. Census
	Political Polling
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