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B. Newly married couple
C. Family with young children

D. Family with adolescent

C__9 . The most important aspect of health promotion among adolescents
A. Screening

B. Immunization
C. Health education

D. Counseling

A__10. Almost 50% of pregnant Filipino women are suffering from::
A. anemia

B. scurvy
C. vitamin deficiency

D. lack of iodine

C__11 Median urinary iodine level that indicates mild IDD
A. < 20 ug/L

B. 20-49 ug/L

C. 50-99 ug/L
D. > 100 ug/L

C__12. Daily vitamin A intake of pregnant women should not exceed

A. 500 iu/day
B. 5,000 iu/day

C. 10,000 iu/day
D. 20,000 iu/day

E. 200,000 iu/day

B__13 Most frequently reported debilitating chronic disorder among the elderly:
A. asthma

B. hypertension
C. diabetes mellitus

D. arthritis

C__14 Triage is done during this phase of the Emergency Medical Services system:
A. pre-treatment phase

B. preliminary care phase
C. definitive care phase at the receiving facility

D. recuperation phase

A___15. Which of the following is the real primary target of National Immunization Day?

A. Poliomyelitis

B. Tuberculosis
C. Measles

D. Diptheria, pertussis, tetanus

D___16 The main goal of the country‟s CARI program is:
A. Early detection of pneumonia cases

B. Prompt treatment of Pneumonia cases
C. Efficient clinical assessment and management of Pneumonia cases

D. Reduction of Pneumonia deaths

A__ 17. To lessen mortality from pneumonia, the CARI program endorses:
A. early diagnosis of pneumonia cases

B. hospital admission of all patients with pneumonia
C. giving oral antibiotics to all children with cough and colds

D. influenza immunization

C___18. With the emergence of cardiovascular as the leading cause of mortality, DOH
formulated the National Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Control

Program aimed primarily to:
A. identify high risk individuals

B. treat all identified cases of cardiovascular disease

C. promote healthy lifestyle
D. promote the use of indigenous drugs to treat cases

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