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TitlePolitical Learning and the Pathways to Political Engagement
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Table of Contents
                            Chapter 3
Two Perspectives on Electoral Participation in Canada
1	Introduction
2	Political Attentiveness, Cognitive Resources, and the Acquisition of Political Information
4	Findings
	Chapter 5
	1	Introduction
	Chapter 6
	1	Introduction
		1	Introduction
	2	Duverger's Law and the Role of Political Experience
		5	Conclusions
1993 Election
Liberal Chances
PC Chances
NDP Chances
Reform Chances
BQ Chances
St. Dev (σk)
1997 Election
2000 Election
2004 Election
		Blais, A., E. Gidengil, N. Nevitte, and R. Nadeau. 2004a. “Where Does Turnout Decline Come From?” European Journal of Politica
		Blake, D.E. 1982. “The Consistency of Inconsistency: Party Identification in Federal and Provincial Politics.” Canadian Journa

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