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A: It depends on the phase. On your first set of an exercise, you’ll need to adjust your initial 10RM

weight if your first set is too high or too low in reps. For all sets after the first of each exercises, any and

all reps are fine. Please take a look below:

Mesocycle 1: 6 reps or less is too few, 20 reps or more is too many

Mesocycle 2: 6 reps or less is too few, 20 reps or more is too many

Mesocycle 3: 10 reps or less is too few, 30 reps or more is too many

Mesocycle 4: 3 reps or less is too few, 12 reps or more is too many

If the reps are too few, bump your initial 10RM down by 10 to 20%. If the reps are too many, bump it up

by 10 or 20%. Make sure you’re entering your 10RMs in to the purple “3.)” column, and NOT into the

first week’s weight column. All weekly weights are calculated for you from the 10RM column, so you

don’t ever have to edit them directly, you only edit the 10RM column if needed.

20.) What if the training is too hard?

A: In most cases, rating the exercise as -1 will lower the volume progressively until you’re well within

your ability to recover. If you feel very overwhelmed and the volume isn’t dropping fast enough, please

take half a week off and manually lower the volume (set numbers) for the later weeks to your abilities. If

the weights are too heavy, you will likely need to adjust your initial 10RM estimates.

21.) What if I’m not sure what the exercises are?

A: You can watch the videos and try new exercises, but we recommend sticking mostly to exercises you

know, at least for the first couple of mesocycles. In the later cycles, you can try some exercises you don’t

know as well, but make sure to focus on PERFECT technique throughout.

22.) What if I don't have time to finish the workout?

A: If you can’t come back later that day, just scrap it and move forward without making the lifts up.

When you block off training time, make sure it’s enough to complete the workout.

23.) What if I miss a day?

A: Push up all the rest of the days of that week and get that day in the next time you train. If you miss

more than a day, just train light the rest of that week and re-start your current week next week.

24.) What about cardio?

A: You can do cardio along with the plan, and any kind of cardio you like works. Here are some tips on

timing and best results:

- If you are looking to gain weight, limit your cardio a bit so that you can more easily put on muscle.

- If you are doing cardio, the best times to do cardio are as follows, listed from BEST to WORST:

-- Non-training days

-- Much later or earlier than your weights workout on training days (preferable 6 hours or more apart).

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