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10. By proceeding as in step 3-8, determine the value of the

angle of deviation when the angle of deviation is 35°,


11. Record the observations in tabular form.

12. Plot a graph between the angle of incidence i(along X

axis) and angle of deviation δ(along Y axis). The graph

obtained will be as shown in figure.

13. Note the value of angle of minimum deviation (δm ) from

the graph corresponding to the lowest point i-δ curve as

shown in figure.


The graph between i and δ shows that as the angle of

incidence increases, the angle of deviation first

decreases, attains a minimum value and then on

increasing the angle of incidence further, the angle of

deviation increases.

 The angle of minimum deviation, δm=____ (water)

 The refractive index of the material of the prism,

µ = ____


 The boundary of the prism, incident ray and

emergent ray should be drawn with a sharp


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