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(withdrawal stage). It is envisaged that alteration of the receptor-mediated poly-
phosphoinositide turnover by ethanol will lead to changes in other intracellular events
such as calcium metabolism and protein phosphorylation. These possibilities should
be explored in detail.


The research reported from our laboratory was supported in part by grants AA02054
and AA06661 from NIAAA. We thank Dr. Ding Lee for technical assistance and Diane
Torres and Dr. Laurie Foudin for preparing the manuscript.


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Page 301

- nerve cells, 273-280
Retention of memory
- aging and ACh release, 270
- docosahexaenoate metabolism, 67-76
Retina, rod outer segments
- poshoinositides, 5-7
Retinoic acid
- cellular differentiation, 196
Retroconversion reactions
- polyunsaturated fatty acids, 67-76

- anaphylaxis, 199-204
- anaphylaxis, 199-204
- methylation reactions, 283-285
Schwann cells
- nerve regeneration, 258
Sciatic nerve
- axonal transport, 251-261
- PC12 cells, 19
- ethanol, 243-248
Sedative properties
- AdoHcy, 204
Seizures, see Convulsions
Seizures, audiogenic
- PtdSer effects, 246
Serine phospholipids
- cell communication, 217-222
Serotonin, see 5-hydroxytryptamine
Silicic acid columns
- artefactual free fatty acids, 170
Skeletal muscle fatty acids
- ethanol, 150
Smooth muscle
- anaphylaxis, 200
Smooth muscle contraction
- protein kinase C, 44
Smooth muscle, rabbit iris
- ACTH, 34
- phosphoinositides, 79-90
Solubilization of lipases
- microsomal membranes, 182
- sympathetic ganglia, 15
- mast cells, 122
- lipases, 185
Spinal cord
- melatonin rhythm system, 114
Spinal motoneurones
- axonal transport, 251-261
Status epilepticus
- phosphoinositides, 173-174
- free fatty acids, 171
- choline metabolism, 283-289
- serine exchange reaction, 227-229
- arachidonate metabolism, 169-177

Substance P analogue
- sympathetic ganglia, 15
- nerve regeneration, 257
Superior cervical ganglia

lipases in development of, 191-196
- nerve regeneration, 258
- phosphoinositides, 13
Superior cervical ganglion
- melatonin rhythm system, 114
Supersensitivity, denervation
- adenylate cyclase, 119
Suprachiasmatic nucleus
- melatonin rhythm system, 114
Supraenoic glycerophospholipids
- retina, 67-76
Sympathetic ganglia
- phosphoinositides, 9-17
Sympathetic nerve endings
- pineal gland, 113
Synaptic plasma membrane
- aging and PtdSer, 239
- brain injury, 169
- ethanol, 134
- phosphoprotein B-50, 34
Synaptic plasticity
- ACTH, 31-38
Synaptic potentiation
- long-term modulation, 21
Synaptic vesicles
- PtdCho pools, 283-284
- arachidonate release, 50

choline metabolism, 283-289
choline synthesis, 273-280
eicosanoids, 176
phosphoinositides, 31-38

- platelets as model, 155-157
- PtdSer and aging, 265-270
Synovial fluids, inflammatory
- phospholipase A2 , 218
Synthesis de novo
- glycerophospholipids, 67-76
Synthesis of glycerophospholipids
- aging, 225-230

- lipases, 185

see Phorbol-12-myristate-13-acetate
- aging and ACh release, 267
Thioester analogs
- substrates for lipases, 181-189
- alcoholism, 243
- anaphylaxis, 200
Tolerance, ethanol
- membranes, 121, 133
Transection, nerve
- regeneration, 258

free fatty acids, 169-177
- nerve cells, 273-280


Page 302


- arachidonate release, 89
- PtdSer and leukocytes, 221
- PtdCho and ACh release, 283-289
Turnover of acyl groups
- stimulation of CNS, 57-64
Turnover of phospholipids
- aging, 225-230
- axonal transport, 251-261
Tyrosine hydroxylase
- glucocorticoids, 191-196

Vasoactive mediators
- anaphylaxis, 199-200
Vasopressin receptors
- cerebral cortex and liver slices, 127
Vasopressin receptors, Vl
- sympathetic ganglia, 10-17
Vasopressin-like peptide
- sympathetic ganglia, 12-17

Ventral horn motoneurons
- nerve regeneration, 258
- arachidonate release, 89
- PC12 cells, 19-28
Voltage-sensitive Ca2+ current
- bag cell neurons, 45

- ethanol, 243-248
Withdrawal, ethanol dependence
- membranes, 133

X-rat diffraction
- membrane structure, 209

phosphoinositides, 80-81

- rat brain slices, 123-125

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