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k. Comment: Reef assessment methods could be tailored to what is presently being
implemented through local partners in the Philippines and Indonesia, Reef Check might want
to consider modifying the MAQTRAC protocol in this regard.

Response: The MAQTRAC methods were designed with the assistance of two international
workshops to specifically answer questions pertinent to stock assessment of marine ornamental
fish and invertebrate at the species level and have been used for several years in the Philippines
and Indonesia. Reef Check is working closely with the University of the Philippines and has full
access to their databases on Philippine coral reefs.

l. Comment: The volunteer marine patrols or “bantay dagat” in the Philippines are ad hoc and

vary tremendously in their effectiveness.
Response: In both the Philippines and Indonesia, specific plans for monitoring and enforcement
of the regulations in effect locally, and making use of the best and most effective local
surveillance capacity, will be incorporated in the CAMPs. Much has been learned in the past five
years about “best practice” in the protection of protected or managed marine areas. This includes
the development of local management boards, establishment of the right legal framework, joint
patrols involving government agencies as well as NGO and community reps, etc. These practices
have been put to work with remarkable success in places such as Bunaken National Park and
Komodo National Park. The MAMTI project will apply many of these lessons learned in the
establishment of the managed collection areas and associated marine protected areas.

m. Comment: I would suggest that a more viable option (to adaptive management) would be to

set catch limits from the outset based on the baseline information and to incorporate into the
CRM and CAM plans and establish that by local ordinance.

Response: We agree that this is one possible approach that should be considered at the upcoming
Workshop on Stock Assessment and Management for the Marine Aquarium Trade that is
included as a MAMTI project activity.

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