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                            PERSONS OF RANK
Anna Jacobs
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that made her heart lurch. “Will you,” he punctuated each phrase
with a gentle kiss on alternate cheeks, “marry me - and next week
please - if not sooner?”

“Oh, I think I’d better!” she gasped, clinging to him in a very
unladylike manner, “and yes, yes, as soon as possible, if you
please, for I’m developing a strong desire to embrace you
whenever I’m alone with you, and that sort of behavior will never
do between persons who are not married!”

He brushed a strand of hair from her forehead and looked
down at her very seriously, still clasping her lightly around the
waist. “Dearest Beatrice, are you sure?”

She didn’t try to avoid his glance, but looked him straight in
the eyes. “I’m very sure, Justin.” Then her smile returned, for she
had never felt so gloriously happy in all her life. “Mind, I’ll only
marry you if you promise not to throw me into any more pools.”

He threw back his head and roared with laughter, then pulled
her into his arms again to kiss her passionately. “I promise
nothing,” he said in a husky voice, “except to love you for ever.
And I demand the same promise from you.”

In fact, considering they were all persons of the highest rank
and breeding, there was an extremely vulgar display of feelings
and affection that day at Satherby Abbey, and even the Dowager
startled her maid several times by giving sudden cackles of
laughter for no apparent reasons.

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