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C U S T O M E R C O N V E N I E N C E / P E R S O N A L I Z A T I O N G U I D E

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Turn Signal Lever/
Driver Information
Center Controls

Cruise Control
Buttons/Heated Steering

Wheel Button✦

Audio Steering





Wiper Lever

Cooled Seat


Shift Lever/
Driver Shift


Steering Wheel


Folding Mirrors


Review this guide for an overview of some important features in your Cadillac SRX. Some optional equipment (denoted by ✦) described
in this guide may not be included in your vehicle. More detailed information can be found in your Owner Manual.

Instrument Panel

Hazard Warning
Flashers Button/

Power Door Locks Button

Parking Brake



Audio System/

Parking Assist✦/

ECO Mode Buttons

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Audio System


See Infotainment System in your Owner Manual.

Select the radio source

(AM, FM, XM✦)/
Change the band

Select CD, DVD✦,

HDD✦ or a connected
external audio source

Next or previous radio
station, CD track or file

Tune radio stations or select

CD tracks or files/Display
available information

Open the Tone menu

Open the Settings menu

Open the Phone menu

Record audio


Audio system with Navigation✦ shown

Displays the

favorites pages

Open/Select menu items

Delete current file

Play/Pause a CD or file

Move back one level

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Audio System Features

Note: Avoid engaging in extended searching for specific items or
configuring system settings while driving.

Setting the Time (Navigation System✦)
1. Turn on the system.
2. Press the CONFIG button; select the Time menu.
3. Use the MENU/SELECT knob to adjust the time, date and day

settings; press the knob to confirm the set value.
4. Press the BACK button to exit the menu.
Storing Favorite Stations
Radio stations from all bands (AM, FM or XM✦) can be stored in
any order on up to six pages of favorites.
1. Tune in the desired radio station.
2. Press the FAV button to display the page where the station is

to be stored.
3. Press and hold one of the six numeric buttons until a beep is

heard, indicating it is stored.
4. Repeat the steps to store another favorite station.
Portable Audio Devices
A 3.5mm auxiliary input jack and a USB port are located in the
center console.
A portable audio device connected to the auxiliary input jack
can be controlled only by using the portable device controls.
To optimize speaker volume, fully increase the volume level of
the portable device.

Compatible devices connected to the USB port can be controlled
by the audio system. Not all devices may be supported. Use the
MENU/SELECT knob and the audio steering wheel controls to
access various functions.
Mass Storage Media (MEM) or Hard Drive Device (HDD)✦
MEM or HDD storage is able to record music from CDs, MP3s
and USB storage devices. The MEM or HDD player can also
time shift audio from AM, FM and XM radio stations.

Press to record the current song or all songs to memory.

Turn to view the recorded files; then press to select the
desired file.
Time Shift Live Radio✦
When listening to the radio (AM, FM and XM), content is buffered
to the MEM or HDD.

Press to pause radio audio. Press again to resume playback of
time-shifted audio.
The Time Shift buffer status bar shows the amount of stored
content. When the radio station is changed, the buffer is cleared
and restarted for the new station.

See Infotainment System in your Owner Manual.


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Tire Pressure Monitor
The Tire Pressure Monitor alerts you when a significant reduction
in pressure occurs in one or more of your vehicle’s tires by
illuminating the Low Tire Pressure warning light in the
instrument cluster. The warning light remains on until the tire
pressure is corrected. Current tire pressures are displayed
in the Vehicle Information menu of the Driver Information
Center. The proper tire pressures for your vehicle are listed on
the Tire and Loading Information label, located below the driver’s
door latch.
During cooler weather, the low tire pressure warning light may
appear when the vehicle is first started and then turn off as the
vehicle is driven. This may be an early indicator that tire
pressures are getting low and the tires need to be inflated to
the proper pressure.
Note: The Tire Pressure Monitor can alert you about low tire pressure,
but it doesn’t replace normal monthly tire maintenance. It is the driver’s
responsibility to maintain correct tire pressures.

Tire Sealant and Compressor Kit✦
The tire sealant and compressor kit can be used to temporarily
seal small punctures in the tread area of the tire. The kit is locat-
ed under the trunk floor. Refer to the kit instructions for complete
operating information.

See Vehicle Care in your Owner Manual.

Engine Oil Life System

The Engine Oil Life System calculates oil life based on vehicle
use and displays Change Engine Oil Soon on the Driver
Information Center when it’s necessary to change the oil and
filter. Reset the system to 100% only following an oil change.
Resetting the Oil Life System
1. Turn the ignition to the On position, but do not start

the engine.
2. Press the MENU button to display the Vehicle Information

3. Rotate the switch to view Remaining Oil Life.
4. Press and hold the SET/CLR button until 100% is displayed.
5. Turn off the ignition.

See Vehicle Care in your Owner Manual.

The air conditioned
glove box can be
used to store items at
a cooler temperature.
• Move the slide

control on the left-
front side of the
glove box across
the small opening to turn the cool-air flow on or off.

Close the opening during cooler weather to keep cold air from
entering the vehicle.

See Storage in your Owner Manual.

Cooled Glove Box Storage

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Certain restrictions, precautions and safety procedures apply to your vehicle. Please read your Owner Manual for complete instructions. All information contained herein
is based on the latest information available at the time of printing and is subject to change without notice. Copyright 2011 by General Motors. All rights reserved.

Always demand genuine GM Parts

Owner Privileges™

Roadside Assistance and OnStar�: If you have a current OnStar
subscription, press the OnStar button and the vehicle will send your
current GPS location to an OnStar Advisor who will speak to you,
assess your problem, contact Roadside Assistance and relay your
exact location so you will get the help you need.
For more information about OnStar services, press the OnStar
button, refer to the OnStar Owner Guide, call 1-888-466-7827 or
Should you need to ask a question, make a comment, or request
additional information, Cadillac Customer Service is available anytime.
For more information about your Cadillac, including access to the
Cadillac Owner Center — which features online service reminders,
vehicle maintenance tips, online owner manual, and more — visit

1-800-882-1112 TTY Users: 1-888-889-2438
Roadside Assistance provides every Cadillac owner with the
advantage of contacting a Cadillac advisor and, when appropriate, a
Cadillac-trained dealer technician who can provide on-site services:
• Towing service
• Battery jump-starting
• Lockout service
• Fuel delivery
• Flat tire assistance
Trip Interruption: If your trip is interrupted due to a component
failure covered under warranty, incidental expenses may be
reimbursed, including hotel, meals and rental car.
Courtesy Transportation: You may be provided with courtesy
transportation for warranted repairs, including shuttle service for
same-day repairs and loaner transportation for overnight repairs.

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