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TitlePersonal Services Industry Labour Market Research Report
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Personal Services Industry
Labour Market Research


Presented by
Heather Stewart & Ian MacRae

Sage Transitions
April, 2009

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Table of contents

Title Page
1. Executive Summary 6

2. Introduction 9

3. Research methodology 10

4. Labour force demographics 12

5. Industry supply and demand 23

6. Training models and standards based on research results 26

7. Industry Certification 32

8. Professional Association 35

9. Training models and standards from other Canadian jurisdictions 38

10. Recommendations 42

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Appendix B:
Sample of focus group and individual interview notes by

topic area

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How to re-certify
• At least one year to re-certify, show updated qualifications and to prepare for re-

• grandfather exams that have been written in last 5 years?
• Anyone who has received certification before 2003

• really only people who started after 2003 who need to re-certify
• use recognized Red Seal
• must also write practical, revised practical

• School curriculum

• major issue
• schools must have a formal process
• already have certificate of qualification in place, take advantage of that

Electrolysis training

• Must use program, standard training; MUST be licensed
• PCTA training model -- already in place, standardized training model
• currently very few people have training because they don't have to

• working toward legislation
• program has already been developed

Laser training
• no standards in the industry NONE!
• Damage

• potential for huge damage
• doesn’t work if it is not done properly
• many people are practicing who don't have expertise, knowledge, haven't
passed exam

• Licensing
• electrolysis organization

Esthetic and Hairstyling training and practice

• want regulation
• don’t want current association as the regulator

• need training
• Instructor: criteria were not clear for industry association exam -- no constency

for exams
• no value for money

• association DOES NOT recognize any other licenses, exams, etc
• need to recognize other certificates

• currently anybody can open a school, business
• health departments should be responsible

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Paul Bousaleh - Vancouver

Ruth Coogan - Ft. St John
The Hair Bin

Louise Dannhauer - Vancouver
Spa Time

Lucy Griffith - Vancouver
Curriculum designer and lecturer in skin & body therapies

Laura Gobbo - Vancouver
Fruition Day Spa

Allison Hegedus - Vancouver
Viva Wellness

Ida-Marie Huska - Comox
Roots Hair Design

Madeleine Jones - Vancouver
Madeleine’s Electrolysis Studio

Dee Lewis - Salmon Arm
DEECO Spa for Women & Men

Jimmy Nguyen - Westbank
Cabella Hair Design

Nanci Spencer - Kelowna
Nothing But Nails

Deborah Tarvin - Langley

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Ex-officio members

Manjit Bains - Victoria

Cindy Bubb - Vancouver

Neil Floyd
Ministry of Social Housing and Social Development

Joy McLean - Vancouver
BC Career Colleges Association

Kim Savage - Surrey
Ministry of Housing and Social Development Chair

Peter Schroeder - Vancouver
Hair Art Academy

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