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TitlePersonal Printing manual
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Table of Contents
                            What is Personal Printing?
Overview of the benefits
How does Personal Printing work?
What’s needed for installation?
Technical requirements
Installation on the server
Authentication methods • Overview
Configuring Personal Printing server
Setting up target printers
ADAM Service Account
Default user PIN and authentication methods
Setting up users
Release Station • Overview
Setting up the Release Station
Finding the device in the network
Web console
Preparing the Release Station and registering users
Importing certificates
JobViewer: Print job overview
Configuring smartphone users
iOS app
Android app
Printing with smartphone authentication
Authentication with printers • Overview
Configuring Lexmark printers
Configuring Samsung printers
Configuring Konica Minolta printers
Adding Personal Printers
Font management
Changing the language of the print dialogue
Storing encrypted print jobs
Encrypting user data during transmission
Editing instructions for self-registration
Setting up users manually
Personal Printing, ThinPrint Engine and Tracking
Print job tracking
Unattended installation
Updating Personal Printing
Uninstalling Personal Printing
Acronyms and abbreviations

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