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Graham-Field Health Products offers the finest high quality, name brand
healthcare products for the homecare market. From walkers to specialty
healthcare seating to diagnostics, these products have been designed to meet
the needs of caregivers as well as end users.

Please refer to our website,,
for the latest information on our new and current products.

Graham-Field Health Products Customer Service Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM (EST)

Customer Service/Orders: 800.347.5678

Toll Free Order FAX: 800.726.0601

Email: [email protected]

Graham-Field Health Products
2935 Northeast Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30360

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Graham-Field is not responsible for typographical errors. Packaging, warranties and product information are subject to change without notice. Engineering
changes may be made periodically to enhance product. Medicare reimbursement information is to be used as a guide only. Please check with your DMERC
for the most current reimbursement information and guidelines. All sales are subject to Graham-Field terms and conditions.

' 2007, GF Health Products, Inc.

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A Graham-Field Brand

1-800-347-5678 fax: 1-800-726-0601

Eggcrate Mattress Pads
• Designed to meet the requirements of

HCPCS code: E0199.

Convoluted Overlay
Sized to fit Homecare beds. Designed to meet the
requirements of HCPCS code: E0199.

7-4375E 4" 1 ea

Abduction Pillow
Straps manufactured with
non-allergenic, flannel-laminated
foam loop secure the patient firmly. Assists in the
prevention of trauma in post-surgical hip procedures.
Designed to meet the requirements of HCPCS code:
7-5024E Medium 1 ea

Convoluted Heel & Ankle Protector
Non-slip protection assists in preventing shearing.
Guards against trauma from hard surfaces on
wheelchairs and footboards. Vented for aeration
and drainage. Universal size.
7-5007E Standard 1 ea

Tender Sleep Therapy Pillow
Encourages proper head, neck and spine
alignment whether sleeping on back or
side. Properly cradles the head to
prevent head from rolling
unnecessarily. Suitable for different
size bodies and shapes.
DM47 16" x 22" 1 ea

Jackson-Type Cervical Pillow
Promotes proper spinal alignment.
Designed to reduce neck and back
pain while sleeping. Polyester filled.
DM43 17" x 6" 1 ea

1-800-347-5678 fax: 1-800-726-0601

Floor Mats/Rail Pads/Foam Products

Bed Wedge
Can be used to elevate legs,head
or shoulders. 100% polyurethane
foam. Washable zippered poly/cotton cover. Designed to
meet the requirements of HCPCS code: E0199.
7-2394R 24"L x 24"W x 7"H 1 ea
7-2393R 24"L x 24"W x 10"H 1 ea
7-2395R 24"L x 24"W x 12"H 1 ea

Body Aligner
Promotes proper hip and spinal
alignment while helping prevent
or manage sacral pressure sores.
5004 1 ea

This 9" donut is ideal for pillowing heels or positioning
between knees. Cover not included.
5005 1 ea

Cushion Ease Side Rail Pads
Pressure relieving foam side-rail pads
help protect patient from hard
side rails. These pads also
reduce gaps between the
bed-rails and mattress. Antimicrobial, flame and stain resistant;
easy to clean. Hook and loop fastener attaches easily to top rail.
Gray Sure-Chek™ cover. For use with standard and swing-down
bed rails.




Low Bed Floor Mats
Designed for use with Low
Beds. Conveniently fold for

ECALZPADS Does Not Attach to Bed
72" x 30" x 2" 1 pr

ALZPADS Attaches to Bed with Velcro
70" x 28" x 2" 1 pr

1 EA

Twin Full Queen CalifKing King

2" 7-2000TC 7-2000FC 7-2000QC 7-2000CC 7-2000EC

3" 7-3000TC 7-3000FC 7-3000QC 7-3000CC 7-3000EC

4" 7-4000TC 7-4000FC 7-4000QC 7-4000CC 7-4000EC

For Standard Rails Only
6013363 14" x 36" – Fits Half Rail 1/pr

For Swing-Down Rails Only
6013365 17" x 30" – Fits 1/2 Swing-Down Rail 1/pr

For Standard and Swing-Down Rails
6013364 14" x 58" – Fits 3/4 Rail 1/pr
6013663 14" x 72" – Fits Full Rail 1/pr

Sure-Chek™ is a registered trademark of Herculite products, Inc., Emigsville, PA, USA

Wheelchair Pad
Provides soft support and pressure relief.
Prevents sliding which promotes correct positioning.
7-1620E 2" Standard 1 ea
7-1630E 3" 1 ea

Wheelchair Cushion with Back
Promotes good posture while providing
proper support.
7-1999E 1 ea

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RECLINER ACCESSORY . . . . . . . . . . . .50

MARK I LIFT CHAIR . . . . . . . . . . . . .51

ORTHO-BIOTIC™ HIP CHAIR . . . . . . .52


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