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TitlePerceptions of Live Experiences of Clinical Pastoral Education Students
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                            Walden University
Perceptions of Live Experiences of Clinical Pastoral Education Students
	Brenda Perry Wallace
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Walden University

Walden Dissertations and Doctoral Studies
Walden Dissertations and Doctoral Studies



Perceptions of Live Experiences of Clinical Pastoral
Education Students
Brenda Perry Wallace
Walden University

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Walden University


This is to certify that the doctoral study by

Brenda Perry Wallace

has been found to be complete and satisfactory in all respects,
and that any and all revisions required by
the review committee have been made.

Review Committee
Dr. Mari Vawn Tinney, Committee Chairperson, Education Faculty

Dr. Elizabeth Bruch, Committee Member, Education Faculty
Dr. John Hendricks, University Reviewer, Education Faculty

Chief Academic Officer

Eric Riedel, Ph.D.

Walden University

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information based on feedback
from evaluation

CPEO Session
Three Day 61

Nine and one-half
hour session

Program Instructor
and Six Program


Last hour of session Program Participants


Final half-hour of

Program Instructor,
Program Participants,
and Invited Guests

Roles and Responsibilities of Students and Others

Instructor. I will schedule a Skype meeting with the institution to discuss the

possibility of using the institution to facilitate the CPEO training. The plan will include:

• Presentation of a proposal to host, recruit students, and advertise the CPEO


• Proposal will include benefits, barriers, and solutions of the training for the


• Proposed agenda outlining content for each of the 3-day sessions;

• Coordination with the institution’s administration and leadership to procure

classroom space, equipment, and materials to implement the CPEO training;

• Collaboration with college officials to identify accepted students and distribute

orientation packets;

• Conduct the initial CPEO training with other instructors as observers,

• Use formative evaluations from the CPEO training for any improvements or

revisions of sessions; and

• Submission of evaluation report to institution’s personnel to identify suggested

areas of improvement for next session.

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Institution’s Administration. I will establish a coordinated meeting of protocol

with the institution’s administration to include:

• Securing classroom space to conduct the CPEO training,

• Obtaining media outlets,

• Engaging college’s student body to distribute CPEO invitation flyers,

• Compiling summative report of first CPEO and sharing results with the

institution’s administration.

Students. Students are responsible for submitting an application and the

application fee by the deadline to attend the CPEO professional training. Students will

be responsible for completing all the prerequisites necessary to attend the CPEO

training. Additionally, students will be required to attend sessions all 3 days, be prompt

and on time for each session, remain for the entire sessions, and complete the reading

and all homework assignments. Students will be responsible to conduct and present in

class two pastoral care events using the verbatim format provided. Students will be

required to fully participate in classroom activities and assignments. Students are

responsible for completing and sharing the short session evaluations at the end of the

first two sessions and an overall evaluation at the end of the third session. All

evaluations must be candid when students share their assessment of the CPEO sessions.

A five-page integration paper will be required and excerpts shared with the group at the

last session. Students are responsible for creating and participating in the closing awards

ceremony by coordinating with the instructor. Students will receive a Certificate of

Basic Pastoral Care and Theological Reflection Skills.

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b) Tell me about the theological reflection and the theological analysis

you were able to draw from the event you just shared.


(3) Please tell me how did CPE impact your theological reflection practice?
a. If so, please tell in what ways was it positive?



b. Can you share with me how it impacted you negatively?


(4) Tell me how did CPE impact you pastoral care?

a. If so, please tell in what ways was it positive?

b. Can you share with me how it impacted you negatively?

c. Tell me or describe for me how you think CPE could be improved?


(5) Describe your feelings about how your CPE training enhanced your pastoral



a) Tell me about what skills enhanced your pastoral care.


b) Tell me about what competencies enhanced your pastoral care.


(6) Reflecting on your CPE experience(s) would you share with me anything about
your personal experience(s), pastoral care, issues confronted, or theological
reflection that I may not have covered?

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I want to thank you again for participating in my research project. I will be transcribing
the recorded data. I will be interpreting the information we discussed tonight and I may
have some follow up questions. I would like to contact you in case I have questions will
that be acceptable? I really appreciate your assisting me in this project and my hope is
that the information you provided will assist the college in securing grant funding to
support a full-time CPE program.

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