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coach because he saw an article in the Chicago Tribune indicating that coaching was

projected to be one of the hottest fields in education. He enrolled in a master’s program in

Reading and started to improve his craft in the classroom.

Currently Ethan is a literacy coach who serves the teachers in grades kindergarten

through fifth grade. His school is located on the South Side of Chicago and is composed

of approximately 540 students. The student population is mixed, with 33% who are

African American, 33% Hispanic and 33% Caucasian. This school was the first school in

which he served as a literacy coach, and he has been there for three years. When he got

first got hired at the school, he served as a Reading First coach where he only worked

with the teachers in kindergarten through third grade. As the years progressed and the

Reading First coaching position ended, he expanded his role by coaching the teachers in

grades kindergarten through fifth. Although he does not have a partner for the upper

grades, he does his best to assist them as much as possible. The school has two structures:

a primary building and an upper building. Ethan spends most of his time in the primary


Ethan allocates his time working with teachers one on one, presenting

professional development at the school, conducting grade-level meetings and working

with small groups of students. When he attends professional development himself, Ethan

is sure to bring the professional development he learns back to the teachers at his school.

During grade-level meetings, he allows teachers to collaborate and discuss data for their

classrooms. He also helps teachers to set goals and make decisions based on their

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