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Table of Contents
                            Table of Contents
	The key difference is my unusual circumstances
	My expert teachers were women I already had sex with.
1. Why You’re Not Getting Results
	Do I know what kind of woman I want?
	Do women reject me right away?
	Do I handle rejection from women well?
	Do I go into singles bars and just stand around without approaching any women?
	Do I see myself as a shy person?
	Am I satisfied with myself, physically?
	Do women think I look good, physically?
	Would I like to improve my physical condition?
	Do I want a serious relationship?
2. Confidence
	Rewarding yourself is very important in the confidence building process
	Dwell on your good points, not your bad ones
	Refuse to think negatively
	No man is better than another
	Working on a positive inner you is essential
	Always look for a positive end result
	Goal setting
	Successful people set their daily goals the evening before, making a list of the important things they’ll do the following day.
	The value of making lists
	You’ll begin to see a positive person in yourself, and so will the women
	Points to remember
3. Keeping in Shape  or Not Keeping in Shape
	Recipe No. 1
	Recipe No. 2
	Recipe No. 3
	Recipe No. 4
	Diet for Body Builders
4. Sense of Humor
5. Grooming Tips:  Dress to Get Results
6. Peter North’s Tips
	Always be a good listener
	Hold on loosely
7. Places to Meet Women
	Coed gyms
	The perfume counter at major department stores
	Grocery stores
	Tanning salons
	The malls
	Major department stores
	Art galleries
	Enrolling in a bartenders school
	Golf lessons
	Companion columns
	Last but not least, dating services
8. Techniques
	Using the cliché
	Don’t be boring
	Conversation pieces
	Subtle persistence
	Throwing out signals is very important
	Playing the odds
	Compliment her
	When you’re out driving…
	Give her the space she needs
	Buy her things
	Take her places
	Strength in numbers
	Don’t forget
9. Health Tips
10. Love Making Tips
11. Peter North’s Advice
	Play it cool hints
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Penetrating Insights
By Adult Film Star “Peter North”

A Guide to
Meeting and Dating Beautiful Women

Page 70


perceive, appreciate or express what is funny, amusing, or


Doing imitations can be a good way to break the ice with some

women. For instance, you could do the old “Jack Nicholson”

impression, even if you’re not good at it, because it will seem

funny to most women.

There are books and tapes on the subject of doing imitations. Go to

your local library and ask your librarian for reference books on

“Humor.” Maybe they’ll be able to help you. The most important

thing to keep in mind is to let the woman know that deep down

inside you, you possess a sense of humor. Everyone has a sense of

humor. It’s just that some people have to dig deeper than others to

find it. Find yours and start working on it.

When finding humor and making jokes, do so without being

openly critical or rude toward others. For instance, if you’re

walking out of a movie theater with your date and you see a big,

fat, sweat hog of a woman walking in front of you, don’t make an

offensive comment that could be heard by others. Some men

would laugh out loud or make a remark of some sort. Most decent

women (especially when you’re first getting to know them) will be

turned off by this. Women would view this as mean or rude.

Instead of laughing out loud or making a crude remark, just wait

until the fat woman is out of listening range and ask your date if

Page 71


she’s ever seen anyone take up that much space? That way, you

can find out what type of sense of humor she has without being

offensive or embarrassing her.

You can always try some humorous one-liners. Sometimes this can

break the ice from the start. When you first approach a woman,

you can use a good line that’s been around for a long time:

“Haven’ t I seen you somewhere before?” But, better than that old

cliché, try this: “You look familiar.” She’ ll probably chuckle a

little bit at this cliché. But, add: “Yeah, maybe it’s because I saw

you ten minutes age when I first walked in here.” Another cliché

is: “Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to walk by

again?” If you choose to use a cliché, try to be creative—add your

own style, wit, flair and humor. And make it funny.

Another semi-serious one-liner to use when first having a

conversation with a woman: “The next time you see your parents,

thank them for me.” She will ask, “Why?” You say, “Because they

have created one beautiful daughter.” This is best used when

parting and, though it may sound corny, women love this type of

thing—compliments with humor.

When you first meet a woman that you are interested in, remember

to try to keep her entertained. Try to keep the mood relaxed and

easygoing (non-threatening). If there’s a gap in the conversation,

tell a joke. Say this: “I heard a joke this afternoon, and it’s a good

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Peter North Las Vegas AVN Convention 1997

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Christy Canyon and Peter North Las Vegas AVN Convention 1997

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