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TitlePdms Manual
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Table of Contents
                            Read This First
	The scope of this guide
		Intended audience
		About the tutorial exercise
		Further reading
	Text conventions
	How the guide is organised
	Further training in the use of PDMS
Introducing VANTAGE PDMS
	Introducing the structure of PDMS
	The strengths of  PDMS
	PDMS piping network design features
Getting Started
	Logging in
	Using the mouse
	Using forms
		Using text boxes
		Using drop-down lists
	The PDMS startup display
	Using menus
	Using the tool bar
	Using the status bar
	More on using forms
		Using option buttons
		Option selected
		Using check boxes
		Using scrollable lists
		Using action buttons
	Responding to alert forms
	Using on-line Help
Help>on Context
Setting Up the PDMS Database Hierarchy
	How PDMS stores design data
		PDMS design data definitions
	Creating some administrative elements
Creating Some Equipment Items
	How equipment items are represented
		The basic principles
		Using predefined templates for standard equipment
	Creating a storage tank to a standard design
	Adding a nozzle to the storage tank
	Viewing the design
		Defining what appears in the view
		Manipulating the displayed view
	Creating some more equipment items
		Creating a vertical vessel
		Naming the nozzle in the base of the new vessel.
		Creating a standard design pump
		Changing the orientation of an equipment item
		Tidying up afterwards
	Saving your changes and leaving your designsession
Routing a Sequence of Piping Components
	Design-to-catalogue cross-referencing
	How piping networks are represented
		Pipes and branches
		Piping components
	Restoring your PDMS session and starting the Pipework application
	Setting a default specification
	Creating a simple pipework sequence
	Creating a second pipework sequence
Checking and Outputting Design Data
	Checking for design data inconsistencies
		Design tolerances
	Checking for clashes
		Obstruction levels
		Extent of clashing
		The clash detection process
	Generating a data output report
	Generating isometric plots

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