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This is the best book of logos i have ever seen. It's all about shapes and forms, all shapes are black

and white, barely no type. Just the plain form, no color. This helps a designer to concentrate on his

work and be inspired. Best buy i made in a long time.I don't like logos with many colors, gradients.

This book takes the simplicity back. Everything here is simple, scalable to small sizes and

remarkable.Also the categories the book have are extremely useful. Such as: shapes that complete

each other, vertical lines, circles, monograms and so on. The categories are related to the

challenges designers face when designing logos. Its easy to find right the kind of shape you need to

inspire you.The only real complain i have is with the size. The book is too huge. It should be 30%

smaller and still show pretty well all of its content.I get it. Its planned for being a table book. But its

too cumbersome to use for research and to have on the top of your desk all day. So to me that

defeats the purpose.But the content is worth. Go get it.

I was so impressed with the book when it arrived that I created a quick video on Facebook of me

flipping through the pages. Since then I have used the book for inspiration to create a logo design

for a client who ended up wanting two of the designs I created, not just one. So the book has paid

for itself already!

This book is huge, both in terms of volume of content and volume of the book itself. It's a serious

tome! Would probably cause serious bodily harm if dropped on your foot. Contains a fantastic

survery of mid-century logos from the dead simple to the bizarre. Great inspiration material, and

excellent alternative to dumbbells for curls and similar exercises.

This is an amazing book. Well designed, well researched, well put together. The quality of the work

contained in this book is simply humbling, this is a great piece for everyone interested in design,

from students to seasoned professionals. Do not expect to read this book on the bus, it is bigger

than a newborn and weights a ton and half. But it is awesome.

This book is absolutely incredible. There are older books out there I've wanted that cost $150+ that

cover modernistic logos - but so glad I found this book. For $60 this book is a no brainer for any logo

designer. Thousands and thousands of fantastic timeless forms for inspiration.

Have not yet searched through the entire book but as a designer I am really excited about this. I just

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received it in the mail. The book is huge. Not only in content but in actual size. Check those

dimensions. It's a beautiful book, with copious amounts of information and history on modern

minimal logos. I think a must have for designers, amateur and professional. Great discounted price

right now too. Giving it five stars because I see nothing wrong with this book so far.

A good basic comprehensive book on logos .. If you had to have one book on logos.. This is a good

one. For trendy flashy alternatives go for the taschen Logo books ( three so far)

I didn't realize it only covered a certain period. And that it was a pretty big book. As I am interested

in logos, very happy with the book.

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