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1.Your screen has a table control defined to it. In the PAI, what does the SY-LOOPC system variatable


A.Number of table control lines

B.Loop Counter

C.Number of filled lines

Answer: C

2.If you do not SUPPRESS DIALOG in a dynpro before you LEAVE TO LIST-PROCESSING, the following

Mill happen (More than one answer is correct)

A.The screen will be displayed with the report that was built, but the gui-stus will be the one fromo the

previous screen

B.The report will be displayed on the screen only after the user presses the enter key

C.The previous screen (calling screen) will be redisplayed

D.The screen will be displayed, and will be empty

Answer: B, D

3.Makr the valid asynchronous update bunding technique.





Answer: B

4.What message type does not implicitly trigger dabase commits for the table updates specified in your


A.I type MESSAGE stement

B.A type MESSAGE stement

C.E type MESSAGE stement

D.W type MESSAGE stement

E.S type MESSAGE stement

Answer: B

5.How does a customer benefit by using SSCR?

A.To log enhancements made by a development user

B.To log Customizing made by a development user

C.To log modifications made by a development user

Answer: C

6.A screen field has been dynamically changed in a dialog program. When does it get re-initialized?

A.At the end of the transaction

B.Only when the program encounters more code to modify the field attributes

C.At PAI execution

D.At PBO execution

Answer: D

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