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TitleParis Was Ours- Thirty-two Writers Reflect on the City of Light
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Introduction: L’Arrivée
Véronique Vienne, L’Argent Is No Object
Diane Johnson, Learning French Ways
Walter Wells, Becoming a Parisian
Caroline Weber, Love without Reason
Samuel Shimon, Keep Your Distance
Joe Queenan, Friends of My Youth
Valerie Steiker, Fledgling Days
David Sedaris, The Tapeworm Is In
Jeremy Mercer, My Bookstore High
Mark Gaito, Chantal’s Gift
Alice Kaplan, My Day with Mr. D.
Janine di Giovanni, Parenting, French-Style
Patric Kuh, Deal With It
C. K. Williams, Two Paris Poems
Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni, Understanding Chic
Julie Lacoste, It’s My Home, That’s All
Janet McDonald, Just Another American
Judith Warner, Toward a Politics of Quality of Life
Roxane Farmanfarmaian, Out of the Revolution
Lily Tuck, My Literary Paris
Zoé Valdés, The Tribulations of a Cuban Girl in Paris
Richard Armstrong, Montparnasse and Beyond
Judith Thurman, Guillaume à Paris
Karen Schur, Ma Vie Bohème
Edmund White, A Mild Hell
Alicia Drake, The Sky Is Metallic
Stacy Schiff, In Franklin’s Footsteps
Brigid Dorsey, Litost
Noelle Oxenhandler, La Bourdonneuse
Marcelle Clements, Paris Is Gone, All Gone
David Lebovitz, Enfin
Penelope Rowlands, Le Départ
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