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1) Which of the following SI units can be expressed in exactly two base SI units?

A coulomb B tesla C newton D hertz (E) A andC

2) A car is travelling at a velocity of 24 m s-1 due west initially. At a later time, it is seen travelling at a
velocity of 10 m s-1 due south. Given that the direction North N, points vertically upwards, which of the
following vector R represents the change in velocity of the car?




3) A motorist travelling at 10 m s–1 can bring his car to rest in a braking distance of 10 m.
In what distance could he bring the car to rest from a speed of 30 m s–1 using the same
braking force?
A17m B30m C52m D90m (E)21m

4) A satellite orbits the Earth 200 km above its surface. The satellite's acceleration towards the centre of
the Earth is 9.2 m s−2 and the radius of the Earth is 6400 km. The speed of the satellite is
A 246 km s B 7.79 km s−1 C 7.67 km s−1 D 1.36 km s−1 (E)0

5) The escape speed of a nitrogen molecule at the Earth's surface is 0.90×104m s-1. What is the escape
speed at a height 0.30 RE above the Earth's surface, where RE is the radius of the Earth?
A 0.49×104 m s-1 B 0.59×104 m s-1 C 0.69×104 m s-1
D 0.79×104 m s-1 (E) 0.19×104 m s-1

6) A constant power supply is used to melt 1 kg. of ice, to heat the water produced, and finally to turn all
the water to steam.
Specific heat capacity of water = 4 x 103 J kg-1 K-1
Specific latent heat of fusion of ice = 3 x 105 J kg-1
Specific latent heat of vaporization of water = 2 x 106 J kg-1
Which graph in best shows how the thermodynamic temperature T varies with time t for this sequence?

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General Certificate of Education (Adv.Level) Examination, 2013


Grade 13- 2nd Term Test 2013

Paper 1 Time 2hours Part A

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(E) B and C

7) A sound wave of frequency 400 Hz is traveling in a gas at a speed of 320 ms-1. What is the phase
difference between two points 0.1 m apart in the direction of travel?

A π/4 rad B π/2 rad (C) 2π/5 rad (D) 4π/5 rad (E) 0 rad

7) Fig below shows the formation of the first order spectrum when parallel rays of monochromatic light
fall perpendicularly on a non-uniform spacing diffraction grating PQR. For the part of the grating between
P and Q, the angle of deviation θ is constant, whilst for that between Q and R, θ decreases

Which diagram best shows how the grating interval d varies with distance x, the distance from P?

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17) The diagram below shows two bodies of masses 0.50 kg and 1.00 kg connected
by alight rigid rod of length 4.00 m and placed on a smooth surface. A body P of
mass 0.50 kg which moves at velocity 4.00 m s–
1 collides and sticks to the body of mass 0.50
kg and the system of masses rotates about the
centre of mass

A 0.25 rad s–1 C 0.50 rad s–1

B 0.33 rad s–1 D 1.00 rad s–1

E0 rad s–1

18) The specific heat capacity at constant volume of an ideal gas is 2.4 × 102 J K–1 kg–1. The change in
the internal energy of 5.0 × 10–3 kg of the gas when the temperature of the gas is increased from 27 °C to
327 °C is
A 32 J C 180 J E 120 J
B 49 J D 360 J

19) Diagram (a) below shows a graph of displacement y against distance x for a progressive wave at a
certain time. At time0.4 s later, the profile of the wave is shown in diagram (b).

The frequency of the wave is
A 0.5 Hz C 5.0 Hz
B 2.5 Hz D 12.5 Hz
E 1 Hz

20) A screw gauge gives the following reading when used to measure the diameter of a wire
Main scale reading: 0 mm. Circular scale reading: 52 division Given that 1 mm on main scale
corresponds to 100 divisions of the circular scale. The diameter of wire from the above data is

A0.005 cm B0.52 cm E 0.0125cm
C0.052 cm D0.026 cm

21) Three perfect gases at absolute temperatures T1,T2 andT3 are mixed. The
masses of molecules are m1,m2 andm3 and the number of molecules are n1,n2 and
n3respectively. Assuming no loss of energy, the final temperature of the mixtures is:


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D E none

22) A bullet fired into a fixed target loses half of its velocity after penetrating 3 cm. How much further it
will penetrate before coming to rest assuming that it faces constant resistance to motion?

A 3.0 cm B 2.0 cm E 0 .5cm
C 1.5 cm D 1.0 cm

23) The block of mass M moving on the friction less horizontal surface collides with a spring of spring
constant K and compresses it by length L. The maximum momentum of the block after collision is



24) In the circuit, the galvanometer G show szero deflection. If the batteries A and B have negligible
internal resistance, the value of the resistor R will be

A 200Ω C 100 Ω E 10 Ω
B 500Ω D 1000 Ω

25) When two tuning forks (fork 1 and fork 2) are sounded simultaneously, 4 beats per second are heard.
Now, some tape is attached on the prong of the fork 2. When the tuning forks are sounded again, 6 beats
per seconds are heard. If the frequency of fork 1 is 200 Hz, then what was the original frequency of fork
A 200 Hz C202 Hz E 198Hz
B 196 Hz D 204 Hz

26) A parallel plate condenser with a dielectric of dielectric constant K between the plates has a capacity
C and is charged to a potential V volts. The dielectric slab is slowly removed from between the plates and
then reinserted. The net work done by the system in this process is

A ½ (K−1)CV2 B CV2(K −1)/K C (K−1)CV2 D zero
E none

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43) A source producing sound of wave length 0.6 m is moving away from a stationary listener
with speed V/6 where V is the speed of sound in air. The wave length of sound heard by the
listener is

(a) 0.5 m (b) 0.54 m (c) 0.66 m (d) 0.7m (e) 0.8 m

44) An 8 kg metal block of dimension 16 cm x 8 cm x 6 cm is lying on a table with its face of
largest area touching the table. If g= 10 ms-2 the minimum amount of work done in making it
stand with its length vertical is
(a) 0.4 J (b) 6.4 J (c) 64 J (d) 4 J (e) 12.8 J.

45) A beaker full of hot water is kept in a room and it cools from 80°C to 75°C in t1 minutes,
from 75°C to 70°C in t2minutes and from 70°C to 65°C in t3minutes

(a) tl<t2<t3 (b) t1 = t2 = t3 (c) t1<t2 = t3 (d) t1< t2< t3 e) none

(46) A metal wire is clamped between two vertical walls. At 20 °C the unstrained length of the
wire is exactly equal to the separation between walls. If the temperature of the wire is decreased
the graph between elastic energy density (u) and temperature (T) of the wire is

(E) u

20 T(in C0)

48) The figure shows a meter-bridge circuit, with AB = 100 cm, X = 12and
R = 18, and the jockey J in the position of balance.If R is now made 8,
through what distance will J have to be moved
toobtain balance?

(A) 10 cm (B) 20 cm
(C) 30 cm (D) 40cm (E) 15cm

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(46) Heat is conducted across a composite block of two slabs of thickness d and 2d. Their thermal
conductivities are 2k and k respectively. All the heat entering the face AB leaves from the face CD. The
temperature in °C of the junction EF of the two slabs is

(A) 20 (B) 50 (C) 60 (D)80 (E) 12

(47) Figure shows equi-potential surfaces for a two charges system. At which of the labeled points point
will an electron have the highest potential energy?

(A) Point A (B) Point B (C) Point C (D) Point D

(E) Point B & D

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