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pearance to that of Wilfred Cosly, the train conductor. He
is now ready to hunt his nourishment.

Sometime before 9:30 PM, the vampire will attack a
female passenger, ripping out her jugular vein and feeding
on her blood. Shortly after this, he will be seen by another
passenger leaving the site of the murder.

The vampire will, only moments after the alarm of
"murder!" has been raised, run face-to-face (literally) into
the conductor. The real Wilfred Cosly will be so shaken by
meeting himself that he will freeze-only momentarily-
but long enough for St. Jordan to strike.

As other passengers respond to the scene of the first
killing, the person who raised the alarm will insist that he
saw the conductor leaving the compartment covered in
blood, just seconds before! But the real conductor has
other problems now ...

When Cosly saw himself and froze, St. Jordan grabbed
him by the throat and threw him into the bathroom. Al-
though cramped, the vampire quickly slit the wrists of the
conductor, muffling his cries as he did so. He fed as
quickly as he could on the conductor's blood, then opened
the window and climbed out. Using his unnatural climb-
ing skills, he shut the compartment window and pro-
ceeded to climb up on top of the coach. From there, he
made his way back to the baggage car and back inside.

The investigators will hear the cries for assistance and
should be able to reach the murder site in only a few
moments. The upset witness will be pointing down the
passageway and will tell anyone within earshot" .. .it was
the conductor, God be with me. I saw the conductor leav-
ing that stateroom, dripping blood and ... oh Lord, get
some help! Get some help!"

If the investigators move quickly, they can head off
down the passageway in the direction the witness noted.
Remember that this passageway will be quickly filling up
with gawking men and fainting ladies; make the investi-
gators push and elbow their way through.

As they approach the bathroom, give each investigator
a Spot Hidden roll. Those who are successful will see sev-
eral splotches of blood just outside the bathroom door.

The Ralkoom anJ ReyonJ
The bathroom door will have to be forced open, as St.
Jordan locked it from the inside. The door has a STR of
15, and only one investigator may attempt to force it at
one time. Once the door has been opened, call for Sanity
checks from all investigators present. Missing the roll re-
sults in a ID3 SAN loss.

Lying twisted and crumpled upon the bathroom floor
is the conductor, both of his wrists slashed, with blood on
the floor and walls. A bloody straight razor lies on the ba-
sin. The window is closed (but not locked, if checked). It
would appear that the conductor did indeed kill the young



woman in the stateroom, then fled here to commit suicide.
At least this is what Christopher St. Jordan wants the pas-
sengers to believe ...

Before the train porter can make his way through the
crowd to the scene, give each investigator present a First
Aid or Medicine roll. Those making the roll will realize
that the amount of blood evident in the bathroom is far
less than what it should be for two slit wrists. It is com-
paratively little for such terrible wounds.

A second Medicine or Idea roll also notes that the blood
on the walls appears almost to be smeared on ... or per-
haps spat. At any rate it looks wrong, not in keeping with
the spray that would result from the wounds.

If any player thinks to check, blood will be found on or
around the window. If the window is opened, a Spot Hid-
den roll will show blood stains on the outside of the train
car, though this will need a flashlight or daylight to be
seen. The stains lead from the window's edge to the top of
the car.

The porter (Clarence Marlin) will arrive and begin to take
charge. Although somewhat out of his depth, he will
handle the situation well. He will order all the passengers
back to their staterooms and coaches, promising to ex-
plain fully when more is known. He will also ask if there
are any police on board.

All of the passengers who were privy to the excitement
will be very upset. They will mumble and gripe, but will
eventually comply with the porter's request. If any of the
investigators ask, tell them they see Sir Christopher and
Miss Shelton amid the crowd. Both seem shocked and
saddened by the events.

At this point, private investigator Sam Club will take
charge. Barking out his credentials (and showing them to
those who ask) he loudly calms the passengers down and
begins to get things organized. He knows he needs help,
and will quickly draw suitable investigators into the ac-
tion. Together, they can begin making plans.

Among the initial suggestions likely to come are to tele-
graph for help and stop the train at the next station. Sorry.
St. Jordan has sabotaged the telegraph, and has two Ser-
vants of Glaaki manning the engine. Likewise, the emer-
gency brake cables have been rendered inoperable. St.
Jordan wants to keep the train running, so that he may
reach his destination without outside interference. There
he plans for himself and Miss Shelton to slip off the train
in the resulting confusion and escape detection. He knows
his travelling papers won't pass close inspection, and the
empty coffin will only worsen things should authorities
intervene. Besides, the smell of fear among the passengers
is an intoxicatingly sweet aroma, and one he cherishes.


Page 87


Another Death
and MeJtml Revelations
The investigators and Sam Club are free to begin their
hunt for the killer. Talking with the passengers will reveal
little, as none of them saw anything (except perhaps the
fleeing conductor). After questioning several people, it will
become apparent that if Mr. Cosly did indeed commit the
murder and then killed himself, the case is fairly open-
and-shut. However, if Cosly was himself murdered (to
look like a suicide), then no one was seen leaving the bath-
room. And of course, it's quite impossible to climb up the
side of a train rushing along at 40 mph ... isn't it?

By now the time should be somewhere between 10:00
and 11:00 PM. It is during this time that Christopher St.
Jordan crosses paths with Professor Leighman. Their
meeting is a polite one, until the good professor discovers
(rather accidentally) that Sir Christopher does not cast a
reflection in the polished lid of his cigar case. Unfortu-
nately for the professor, Sir Christopher realizes from the
look on Leighman's face what he has unwittingly
stumbled upon. Approximately thirty minutes after their
meeting, St. Jordan will attack and cruelly exterminate the
poor professor, sneaking his lifeless body back to the bag-
gage car and hiding it there. He will then clean himself up
and return to Miss Shelton's stateroom.

Around midnight, Dr. Adamson will approach the in-
vestigators and tell them the results of his medical work:

The victim was Miss Eleanor Brown, female, age 30-33.
She died from a broken neck and a loss of blood from a
torn and severed jugular vein. There were deep fingernail
marks on her arms. Her neck was also snapped, between
the 2nd and 3rd cervical vertebra. The assailant probably
entered the stateroom and grabbed the girl. A short
struggle ensued, during which time her neck was snapped.
The jugular vein was then torn out.

Wilfred Cosly had some slight contusions on his throat,
as if he had been briefly choked or held tight. The slits on
his wrists were directly along the arteries, almost surgical
in the precision of their placement. However, the amount
of blood present does not support the suicide theory. If
Mr. Cosly had slit his own wrists, blood would have cov-
ered just about everything. As it stands, not enough blood
was present, in the bathroom or remaining in the body.

In short, Adamson believes Cosly's wrists were slit by
someone else, and his blood was taken away-"God
knows how, or by whom."

Around 2:00 AM, Mrs. Leighman will approach the
group, obviously worried and inquiring about her hus-
band. He left their compartment around 10:00 PM this



evening to have a smoke and perhaps interest someone in
a game of chess. He hasn't returned yet. She went through
the cars looking for him, but everyone was asleep.

If the investigators wish to help search for the missing
professor, it will be somewhat difficult for as Mrs.
Leighman pointed out, everyone is asleep. But investiga-
tors are known for their perseverance, and should be al-
lowed to conduct their search in an orderly-and
quiet-fashion. Nothing untoward is likely to happen
until they search the baggage car; see that section for de-

If the investigators are brave enough to wake other
passengers for questioning, give them a hard time. Some
may be half-expecting to be murdered, and not take dis-
turbances lightly. An alternative is to talk to the porter,
now acting as conductor as well. Perhaps someone saw
Mr. Leighman in the parlour talking with a distinguished-
looking man right around ten o'clock or so. Maybe they
even saw Leighman offer the man a cigar, and noticed
how the man reacted rather violently towards it. They
may even have seen the hate in the man's eyes as he glared
at the professor before leaving.

Any of this information may be passed on to the play-
ers as the Keeper sees fit, to keep the pacing alive. This
would also be a good time to instigate a few "red her-
rings" as well. ("Yeah, I saw th' gentleman. Sittin' with
another gentleman he was, and this other fellow kept
lookin' out the window at the moon in a queer way .. .like
he was hypnotized by it or something ... ") The Keeper
may want to spread a few rumors, not to purposefully
mislead the investigators, but to make it a little more dif-
ficult to separate fact from fiction.

Should the above information come about, they may
inquire of Mrs. Leighman about her husband's cigar case.
She will remark that it was quite normal, a polished gold
color with the initials MHL engraved on top. It also had
a mirror in the lid ...

For the remainder of the night, St. Jordan will be in Miss
Shelton's stateroom, until about 6:00 AM when he retires
to his coffin. Some Keepers may wish to let him sleep in
the stateroom, and not necessarily in the coffin. This was
done during one of two separate playtesting sessions and
helped to keep the investigators off-balance when they dis-
covered he was sleeping in the stateroom: "Well, I guess
he can't be a vampire ... they sleep in coffins."

Keepers may vary the myths and legends pertaining to
the vampire to suit their campaigns. Perhaps sunlight is
only an annoyance to a vampire, but it doesn't kill them?
They may not necessarily need to sleep on their native soil,
or in a coffin. There are many variations that can be uti-
lized by creative Keepers, to add a dangerous twist to the


Page 173

" ... and when in lhe

lhickening Mhghl

I relurned 10 my
home, I had sworn

10 lhe hundred gods

of lhe grove lhal al

any cosl I would
some day force an

enlrance 10 lhe

black, cMlly deplhs

lhal seemed calling
oullo me."

H. P. Lovecraft
"The Tomb"

It is the door that calls to you - the closed gate, the portal between what you know and what you
fear. It is the silent guardian of lost secrets, the barrier holding back the terrified screams of the past.
You will want to go to it, to feel the stale breath of long-contained air on your face, to cross the
threshold into deepest understanding. You will feel that wrenching desire, but remember - there are
some portals that should remain locked ... under all circumstances, at any cost.

The Resurrected III: Out of the Vault is an anthology of ten Call of Cthulhu scenarios from
Pagan Publishing. Inside is a chilling collection of mysteries and revelations that will haunt even

the most experienced Investigator. Works include: THE HOUSE ON STRATFORD LANE by John H.

Crowe, III • ALL GOOD CHILDREN by Chris Klepac • WHAT GOES AROUND by Jeff Moeller •

DARK HARVEST by Kevin A. Ross • THE LAMBTON WORM by Steve Hatherly • BLOOD ON THE

TRACKS by J. Todd Kingrea • IN MEDIA RES by John Tynes • and more, plus terrifying
illustrations, detailed maps, and useful Player Aids.

ISBN 1-887797-22-X






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