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TitleOutward Bound as education for personal growth
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the student becomes less able to deal with or understand the fear.

An emotion experienced in such a way is too often gladly forgotten

or avoided. The potential learning that could have occurred, which

was great, is severely limited.

The solo exemplifies an experience whose range of possibilities

seems inadequately explored (Katz, 1968). Preparation and follow-up

for the solo was primarily on the physical dimension. Many students

spent their solo "caught" in one or two routines (e.g., getting wood

for the fire, thinking about food). They were unprepared to learn

more by examining alternative behaviors. Others found themselves

unable to do even the simplest things. They became disappointed in

themselves. There was little post-solo examination of such "limited"

behavior, though examination could have turned that behavior into an

educational experience. Instead of merely being disappointed in

himself, a student could learn how this behavior explained something

about himself.

There are students who "come prepared" to enhance the educa-

tional impact of experiences. They naturally consider the meaning

of their behavior or the implications of an action. The vase

majority of students, however, need guidance in order to turn

Outward Bound experiences into educational experiences. These

students might benefit from more psychological preparation and

follow-up both at critical points in the course program (e.g.,

before and after the solo) and at critical points in their own

course (e.g., when they must exercise leadership for the first time)


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