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Delivers To EBS Strategic Investment Themes

E-Business Suite Release 12.2.6 Highlights (GA 9/2016)

• New HTML User Interfaces: Logistics: Detailed Receiving, Shipping, Reservations; EAM; AOL
• Improved HTML UX: OAF: More Modern User Interactions, More Developer Controls
• Information Discovery: OM: Order 360 View; Financials: Asset Reconciliation, Additions Pipeline

Supporting Subscription Economy, Outcome-Driven Procurement, and Customer-Driven Enhancements
• Order Mgt: OM: Recurring Billing; Quoting: Document Approvals using Electronic Signatures
• Logistics: WMS: Inbound Task Mgt & Interleaving; Inv: Material Classification; Yard: Distributed Yard
• Procurement: iProc: Spot Buy, Preferred Items; Contract Relationships; PCC: Sourcing; Proj Proc: Revisions
• Projects: Acctg Adjustment Options; SOV & ARR Effort Coefficient; Consolidated Invoice UI; Grants Enhs
• Manufacturing: Process Mfg: Yield Mgt; Project Mfg: LCM Support; MES: Serialized Mfg Enhancements
• Value Chain Planning: Inventory Policy Planning; Enhanced UIs
• Asset Mgt: Linear Assets Enh WO Creation; Calendar Based Preventive Maintenance; WO Package Printing
• Service: Multiple Products on SR; Task Status by Task Type; GPS Based Emergency Scheduling; Depot: Claims
• Financials: Adv Collections: Related Accounts, Actionable Work Items; CHRM: Period Mgt, Enh AutoPay
• Human Capital Mgt: Pay: Enhanced Retropay Analysis; OTL: Overtime as Absence Accrual, Calendar UI

• Online Patching: Improved Performance for Seed Data and File Handling During Patching Operations
• Applications Technology: Storage Options for Conc Mgr Files; External/Internal Authentication with DMZ
• Internationalization: Improved Patching for MLS Environments with Both Full and Lightweight Modes

Modern User Experience
and Mobility



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