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TITLE: On The Street Where You Live

AUTHOR: Mary Higgins Clark

PUBLISHER: Simon & Schuster



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Page 137

Nick’s eyebrows went up. “After that stalker you had in Albany, I can
understand why you’d want them.”

She opened the door. They saw it at the same time. An envelope on the floor
of the foyer, the flap side facing up.

“Looks as if someone left a note for you,” Nick said as he bent to pick it up.

“Pick it up by the corner. It may have fingerprints.” Emily did not recognize
her own voice. It had come out as a strained whisper.

Nick looked at her sharply, but obeyed. As he stood up, the flap of the
envelope flew open and a photograph fell out. It was of Emily in church at the
memorial Mass.

Scrawled across the bottom were three words: “Pray for yourself.”

I am eagerly looking forward to the activity that I know will ensue later today.

I am very pleased that I changed my mind and made Emily Graham the
recipient of my message.

Her mail should be delivered soon.

As I expected, there were questions about the scarf, but I’m sure that no one
can prove who finally took possession of it that night.

Martha admired it. I heard her tell Rachel that it was very pretty.

I remember that at that very moment, the thought ran through my head that
Martha had just chosen the instrument of her own death.

After all, a scarf, I thought, is not unlike the sash that squeezed the breath

Page 138

from Madeline’s throat.

At least I no longer have to be concerned about the psychologist. I do not
even have to be concerned if they somehow manage to reconstruct her computer

When I consulted Dr. Madden it was in the evening, and the receptionist was
not there, so no one else saw me.

And the name and address I gave her will mean nothing to them.

Because they do not – not – ever understand that we are one.

There is only one person who, learning that name and address, might begin to
suspect, but it won’t matter.

For I have no fears on that score, either. Emily Graham is going to die on
Saturday. She will sleep with Ellen Swain.

And after that, I shall live out the rest of my life as I have before, as a
respectable and honored citizen of Spring Lake.

Tommy Duggan had been about to leave the office on Sunday afternoon when
the call came in from Emily Graham. He immediately rushed to Spring Lake and
took the envelope and photograph from her.

On Monday morning, he and Pete Walsh were in the prosecutor’s private
office, filling their boss in on the events of the weekend. Osborne had been in
Washington since Friday evening.

Tommy briefed him on the Madden murder and his interrogation at Will
Stafford’s home of the guests at that final Lawrence party.

“It’s Mrs. Wilcox’s scarf, and she was wearing it that night. She claims she
asked her husband to put it in his pocket. He claims she asked him to put it next
to her pocketbook.”

“The Wilcoxes drove their car to the Lawrences that night, sir,” Walsh

Page 273

“My guess is that the public humiliation will finish that marriage. She
know why he resigned the college presidency so abruptly. There was no way he
could have hidden it from her, and I guess she’s been throwing it up to him on a
regular basis. Actually, I think he’s relieved about everything. He tell me that
he thinks his novel is damn good. Who knows? The guy may end up with a
whole new career.”

Tommy was pushing back his chair. “As for Frieze, he can thank Natalie that
he’s in the clear. She gave him a piece of paper she’d found in his pocket, with a
phone number and the name Peggy, asking him to call her. Our guys checked her
out. Frieze was in the habit of dropping into some bar in Morris-town. Claims he
didn’t remember any of it, but obviously he didn’t waste time during his
blackouts. Peggy’s pretty cute. Between Peggy’s testimony and Will Stafford’s
diaries, Frieze is in the clear.”

Tommy Duggan stood up. “A final piece of information. Stafford accosted
Martha after she left the boardwalk. Drove up to where she was walking and told
her he was having chest pains. Asked her to drive him home. She knew him and
fell for it, of course. He forced Carla to ride with him when she was on the way
to get her car after leaving the Warren. Then he went back and got her car later.
Nice guy, huh?”

He turned to go. “Enjoy the rest of your breakfast, folks. We’re off.”

After they left, Emily was silent for a long moment. “Nick, the reason Tom
Duggan came to my house last night was to deliver an enlarged photograph. I
looked at it this morning.”

“What did you find?”

“The police lab did a magnficent job of enlarging and enhancing the
photograph. The faces are very clear now, and I can match them with all the
names that are on the back of the original. Madeline and Letitia and Ellen and
Phyllis and Julia. And the men. George and Edgar and young Douglas and
Henry and even Douglas Carter, Senior, or Will Stafford as we knew him in the

“Emily,” Nick protested, “you mean that you believe he really was

She looked directly at him, her eyes pleading for understanding. “Nick, Will

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