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Elementary Workbook with key

Liz and John Soars

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Count and uncount nouns • I like ... and I'd like ...
• some and any • much and many • Food • Daily needs
• Shopping in the High Street

Eat in or out?

Count and uncount nouns

1 Can we count it?

Are these usually count or uncount nouns?
Write C or U.

1 _U_ cheese 9 fruit

2 __ apple 10 __ pasta

3 food 11 banana

4 biscuit 12 tea

5 bread 13 __ egg

6 milk 14 water

7 __ chip 15 __ strawberry

8 tomato 16 butter

2 a, an, or some?

Complete the sentences with a, an, or some.

1 There's some food on the table. Come and
get it!

2 I usually have __ apple for breakfast.

3 Can you buy __ bread at the shops?

4 We have __ cup of coffee and __ biscuit

at 11.00.

5 There's __ cheese in the fridge and __


6 Do you want __ drink? Tea? Coffee?

7 Give me __ water! Quick!

8 I have __ fruit every day.

9 Do you want __ orange or __ banana?

10 You need __ eggs to make __ omelette.

48 Unit 8 • Eat in or out?

I like .. . and I'd like ...
3 What do they like doing?

Look at the information about Sasha and Bill. Complete
the sentences about them.

Sasha, 36, a journalist Bil~ 40, a teacher

Weekend going to the cinema going to the cinema and
interests going to restaurants the theatre

cooking dinner for friends

Holidays relaxing somewhere hot exploring old cities

Holiday swimming and sunbathing going on long walks
activities reading books reading books

1 Sasha likes going to the cinema, and so does Bill.

2 Bill likes _ _____ theatre.

3 Sasha likes to re.staurants, but Bill likes
______ for friends.

4 Sasha likes ______ somewhere hot, but Bill
________ old cities.

5 Sasha likes ______ and ______ , but Bill
______ on long walks.

6 They both like ______ books.

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4 I'd like + noun/infinitive
1 Match a line in A with a line in B.


1 I'm hungry. a 0 I'd like a holiday.
2 I'm thirsty. b OJ I'd like something to eat.
3 I have too much work. c 0 I'd like an ice-cream.
4 I'm hot. d o I'd like a drink.


5 I'm tired. e 0 I'd like to be a millionaire.
6 It's my birthday. f o I'd like to go to bed.
7 I don't have any money. g 0 I'd like to have a party.
8 I'm bored. h o I'd like to go to the cinema.

2 Complete the questions using would like.

1 I'm hungry.

What would ~ou like to eat ?

2 I'm thirsty.

What ?

3 I need a holiday.

Where ?

4 I want to have a party.

Who to invite?

5 Can we go to the cinema?

What to see?

6 I want an ice-cream.

What flavour ?

5 like or would like?
1 Tick (.r) the correct answer, A or B.

1 What do you like doing at the weekend?

[Z] A I like going out with my friends.
o B I'd like to go out with my friends .

2 It's your birthday! What do you want to do?

o A I'd like to go out with my friends .
O BI like going out with my friends.

3 What's your favourite colour?

o A I'd like blue.
OBI like blue.

4 Which shirt do you want? The blue one or the

white one?

o A I'd like the blue one.
O BI like blue.

5 We're having a party at our house next Saturday.

o A Do you like to come?
o B Would you like to come?

6 We have a new teacher. She's German.

o A Do you like her?
o B Would you like her?

2 Complete the sentences using like or would like.

1 Jane has hundreds of cookbooks.

She likes cooking.

2 It's Helen's birthday next week.

_________ to a restaurant.

3 My car is 20 years old!

_ ________ a new one!

4 There's a good film on TV tonight.

____ you to watch it?

5 We go to Switzerland every winter.

________ skiing.

6 Sarah thinks her house is very small.

_ _______ a bigger one.

Unit 8 • Eat in or out? 49

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