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Network design proposal for 5 star hotel

 Networking requirements

To design network for 5 star hotel which has 10 floor in each floor 20 rooms in each

room one computer all of these should have internet connection and it should have

wireless in the lobby area and swimming pool and the guests in the rooms also. There

is 15 user on the hotel management. The 5 star hotel one ADSL connection which is

to be shared among computers in the rooms, swimming pool and lobby area, guests in

the rooms, and hotel management staff. The computers in the rooms should have

security software. The wireless access in the lobby and swimming pool area should be


 Requirement analysis

The 5 star hotel support 20 computers in each floor. The number of floors is 10. So

200 desktop computers would be required. To connect those computers with internet

connection will need to 10 switches in each floor one switch. All switches linked to

the primary router. All switches connected with wireless access point to provides

wireless connection to the guests in the rooms. The location of the primary router in

the lobby area that will be supported with wireless access point and the swimming

pool need to repeat the signal of the wireless access point from primary router by

wireless repeater. All the computers in the rooms should have an antivirus software to

secure all the computers. The hotel support 15 users on the hotel management so 15

desktop computers would be required. All the 15 computers connected by router

instead of the primary router because the hotel management need to be setup for the

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