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TitleNeat for Windows v.5.0 Help
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                            Welcome to Neat 5 Help
	Where to Start
	What’s New in Version 5?
Getting Started with Neat 5
	Top 10 Common Tasks
	User Case Studies
	Try It: Your First Scan
The Neat 5 Dashboard
	Viewing the Dashboard
	Dashboard Panes
	Dashboard Commands & Links
Gettings Items Into Neat 5: Scanning, Importing and Sending
	Neat Scanners
	Getting Data into Neat 5
	Scanning Basics
		How Do I Scan?
		Scanner Settings
			Setting the Document Type
			Changing the Document Type After Scanning
			Choosing Color or Black & White
			Scanning Separate Pages vs. Scanning Multi-Page
		Understanding the Processing Queue
		Reviewing a Scan
		Importing a PDF
		Importing an Image
		Importing a vCard
		Importing a Legacy Neat File
		Importing a Quicken Account
	Sending to Neat 5
	Creating a New Item
	Working with the Neat Desktop Scanner
		Duplex Scanning
Organizing Your Items: Cabinets, Folders & Subfolders
	Cabinet Basics
	Folder Basics
		Folder Best Practices
		Opening & Closing a Folder
		Creating a New Folder or Subfolder
		Viewing Folder Content
		Filtering Folder Contents by Item Type
		Renaming a Folder
		Deleting a Folder
			Retrieving a Deleted Folder
			Permanently Emptying all Trash Contents
			Permanently Deleting a Single Folder from the Trash
		Moving or Copying a Folder
	Smart Filters
Working with Your Items
	Viewing Items
		Changing Views
		Filtering a View by Item Type
	Editing Items
	Working with Unreviewed Items
		Reviewing an Item
		Personalizing Your Review/Unreviewed Settings
	Moving or Copying Items Between Folders
	Deleting an Item
		Retrieving an Item
		Permanently Emptying All Trash Contents
		Permanently Deleting a Single Item from the Trash
	Sorting Items in Grid View
	Searching for an Item
	Combining Multiple Items
	Changing the Order of Images in a Multi-Page Document
	Separating Items
	Customizing Columns
	Creating a New Item Without Scanning or Importing
		Creating a New Receipt
		Creating a New Contact
		Creating a New Document
	Working with Images
		Viewing an Image in Full Screen View
		Viewing an Image in the Image Viewer
		Zooming an Image
		Rotating an Image
		Cropping an Image
		Adjusting Brightness & Contrast for an Image
		Deleting an Image
		Printing an Image
		Saving an Image as a Graphic File (AKA Exporting)
		Saving an Image as a PDF (AKA Exporting)
		Combining Multiple Images into a Single Document
		Changing the Order of Multiple Scanner Images
		Separating an Image from a Multi-Page Document
	Working with Contacts
		Scanning a Business Card
		Emailing a Contact
		Viewing & Navigating Contacts on the Neat Dashboard
		Searching Contacts on the Neat Dashboard
		Syncing Contacts with Outlook
		Creating a New Contact Manually
		Importing and Exporting Contacts
			Importing a vCard
			Importing a Legacy Neat Contact File
			Exporting Contacts to vCard
Exporting, Reporting & Printing
		Exporting to an Image Format
		Exporting to PDF Format
		Exporting to Comma Separated Values (CSV)
		Exporting to Excel
			Creating a New Excel Map
			Creating a New Excel Template
		Exporting to QuickBooks
			Connecting Your QuickBooks Company File to Neat 5
		Exporting to Quicken
			Importing Your Quicken Account to Neat 5
		Exporting to TurboTax
		Exporting to vCard (Contacts Only)
	Syncing Contacts with Outlook
		Creating an Expense Report
		Creating a Spending Report
		Creating a Tax Report
Scanner Maintenance
	Maintaining the Neat Mobile Scanner
		Cleaning the Neat Mobile Scanner
		Calibrating the Neat Mobile Scanner
	Maintaining the Neat Desktop Scanner
		Cleaning the Neat Desktop Scanner
		Calibrating the Neat Desktop Scanner
Backing Up the Database
	Restoring the Database
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Chapter 1 Welcome to Neat 5 Help1

Where to Start2

What’s New in Version 5?3

Chapter 2 Getting Started with Neat 55

Top 10 Common Tasks6

User Case Studies7

Try It: Your First Scan8

Chapter 3 The Neat 5 Dashboard12

Viewing the Dashboard13

Dashboard Panes14

Dashboard Commands & Links15

Chapter 4 Gettings Items Into Neat 5: Scanning, Importing and Sending17

Neat Scanners18

Getting Data into Neat 519

Scanning Basics20

How Do I Scan?21

Scanner Settings22

Understanding the Processing Queue26

Reviewing a Scan26


Importing a PDF29

Importing an Image30

Importing a vCard31

Importing a Legacy Neat File32

Importing a Quicken Account33

Sending to Neat 534

Creating a New Item35

Working with the Neat Desktop Scanner36

Duplex Scanning37

Page 83

78Chapter 6 Working with Your Items

6Working with Your Items

Creating a New Item Without Scanning or Importing

The New (Receipt, Contact, Document) command can be used to manually add a new receipt,
contact or document. This feature allows you to retain and organize important information for
which you have no paper or electronic record.

Also in this section:
Creating a New Receipt

Creating a New Contact

Creating a New Document

Page 84

79 Chapter 6 Working with Your Items

6Working with Your Items

Creating a New Receipt

1. In the Folder Navigation pane, navigate to the folder where you want the new receipt

2. From the Actions menu choose New and then Receipt.

3. Double-click on the new item to open it in Details View. Note that Receipt is already
selected in the Item Type dropdown menu.

4. Using the dropdown menus and fields provided, add all of the necessary details for the

5. The item will be saved automatically.

Page 166

161 Chapter 9 Backing Up the Database

9Backing Up the Database

Restoring the Database

1. Click the Tools menu.

2. Choose Database.

3. Choose Offline Restore. The Open dialog box opens.

Open Dia log Box

4. Navigate to and open the folder where your backups are saved.
Neat 5 backup files have a .nbak file extension.

5. Select the backup file.

6. Click Open.

See Also:
Backing up the Database

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