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moniaci unciis iiii, aeruginis Cypriae ii, atramenti
sutorii, quod chalcanthum vocant, totidem, misyos
una, croci vi. haec omnia trita aceto Thasio
colliguntur ^ in pilulas, excellentis remedii contra

initia glaucomatum et sufFusionum, contra caligines
aut scabritias et albugines et genarum vitia. cruda

115 autem aerugo volnerariis emplastris miscetur. oris
etiam gingivarumque exulcerationes mirifice emen-
dat et labrorum ulcera cum oleo. quod si et cera
addatur, purgat et ad cicatricem perducit. aerugo
et callum fistularum erodit vitiorumque circa sedem
sive per se sive cum hammoniaco inlita vel collyrii
modo in fistulas adacta. eadem cum resinae tere-
binthinae tertia parte subacta lepras tollit.

116 XXVm. Est et alterum genus aeruginis, quam vo-
cant scoleca, in Cyprio (mortario Cyprio) ^ aere trito^
alumine et sale aut nitro pari pondere cum aceto albo
quam acerrimo. non fit hoc nisi aestuosissimis *
diebus circa canis ortum. teritur autem, donec viride
fiat contrahatque se vermiculorum specie, unde
et nomen. quod vitiatum ^ ut emendetur, ii partes
quam fuere aceti miscentur urinae pueri inpubis.
idem autem in medicamentis et santerna efficit,
qua diximus aurum feruminari. usus utriusque qui

^ collinuntur B.
^ <mortario Cyprio) coni. Mayhoff.
^ trito B : intrito cd. Flor. Ricc. : hic trito relL : hoc t.

edd. vett.
* aestivosissimis B.
^ Yit\a,tum Mayhoff : vitium.

* Copper pyrites.
" See pp. 210-1, note f
^ This sentence is probably defective.


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BOOKXXXIV. XXVII. ii4-xx\'iii. n6

two of Cyprian verdiirris, two of the copperas called
flower of copper, one of misy ^ and six of safFron ; all
these ingredients are pounded in Thasian vinegar
and made up into pills, that are an outstanding
specitic against incipient glaucoma and cataract,
and also against films on the eyes or roughnesses
and white ulcerations in the eye and affections of
the eyelids. Verdigris in a crude state is used as an
ingredient in plasters for wounds also. In combina-
tion with oil it is a marvellous cure for ulcerations of
the mouth and gums and for sore lips, and if wax
is also added to the mixture it cleanses them and
makes them form a cicatrix. Verdigris also eats away
the callosity of fistulas and of sores round the anus,
either applied by itself or with gum of Hammon,^ or
inserted into the fistula in the manner of a salve.
Verdigris kneaded up with a third part of turpentine
also removes leprosy.

XX\'III. There is also another kind of verdigris
called from the Greek worm-like verdigris, made by
grinding up in a mortar of true cyprian copper w ith a
pestle of the same metal equal weights of alum and
salt or soda with the very strongest white vinegar.
This preparation is only made on the very hottest days
of the year, about the rising of the Dogstar. The
mixture is ground up until it becomes of a green
colour and shrivels into what looks like a cluster of
small worms, whence its name. To remedy any
that is blemished, the urine of a young boy to twice
the quantity of vinegar that was used is added to the
mixture.^ Used as a drug, worm-verdigris has the
same effect as santerna which we spoke of as used for xxxiii.
soldering gold ; both of them fiave the same ^^"

properties as verdigris Native worm-verdigris is


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l^atural history

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