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Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis 119


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,00 1

0.80 l



0.40 I o


0.00 ----



600 K

"~ 8 MPa

4 MPa

0.02 0.03 0.04 0.0
Ethanol injection [mol/h/gcat]

Figure 4.
The butanol yield as a function of ethanol injection for the pressure 7 and 4 MPa, 600 K, 20g of
catalyst and the syngas composition: CO-19 H2-74, CO2-0, N2-7 % mol.

Figure 5.



- 1
.~ 0.04



0.02 --





e e

600 K

"~ 8 MPa

4 MPa

0.02 0.04 0.0
Methano l injection [mol/h/gcat]

The pentanol yield as a function of methanol injection for the pressure 7 and 4MPa, 600 K, 20g of
catalyst and the syngas composition: CO-19 H2-74, CO2-0, N2-7 % mol.

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0.16 t

0. ,2

_~ -
.~ 0.08 - m,


Figure 6.

0.04 ~ S �9
I �9 600 K

"~" 8 MPa

4 MPa
0.00 ~ - 1 T .... I T T , -! T " ]

0.00 0.01 0.02 0.03 0.04 0.0
E t h a n o l i n j ec t i on [ m o i / h / g c a t ]

The pentanol yield as a function of ethanol injection for the pressure 7 and 4 MPa, 600 K, 20g of
catalyst and the syngas composition: CO-19 H2-74, CO2-0, N2-7 % mol.

This enrichment of the C3+ alcohols yields is even more than ten times in comparison with
synthesis of alcohols only from syngas and it is quite similar like in the J.G.Nunan's [2] paper, but
there are still no by-products (only the traces of methane) in our product. The addition of methanol
is less efficient than that of ethanol. Our results were not consistent with those reported by Majocchi
et al. [5], where the addition of C, to feed stream did not produce any significant change in the
formation of higher alcohols, only the injection of C2 was accompanied by a significant promotion
of propanol production.

The results indicate that the higher alcohols are obtained by carbon chain growth, probably with
COH~CCOH (a-addition) as the slow initial step of chain growth and the rate determining step.
This problem is of considerable practical interest that could find application in industry.


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