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November 1968

Brief 68-10500


NASA Tech Briefs are issued to summarize specific innovations derivedfrom the U.S: spac program,
to encourage their commercial application. Copies are available to the' public at 15 cents each
from the Clearinghouse for Federal Scientific and Technical Information, Springfield, Virginia 22151.

Biological Isolation Garment



Sealed Fabrication

Rubber Gloves Leg Adjustments

The biological isolation garment (BIG) is being

biological isolation of returning astronauts were fab-

developed to prevent possible contamination of the ricated from nonporous materials, porous (filter)

earth's atmosphere with extraterrestrial life forms papers, or heavy porous fiber materials. Nonporous

which may be carried by astronauts returning from garments require an external ventilation system; filter

the moon. This garment is designed to ensure con- papers have very poor strength and wear properties;

tainment of 98 percent of viable particles 0.45 micron and heavy porous fiber materials are generally diffi-

or larger in diameter and to maintain a habitable en- cult to fabricate into a garment and require external

vironment without the use of an external ventilation ventilation systems.

system to supply thermally balanced body cooling. The BIG is a one-piece loose fitting garment fabri-

Garments which have previously been proposed for cated from a special tightly woven, permeable, 100
(continued overlcal)

This document was prepared under the sponsorship of the National
Aeronautics and Space Administration. Neither the United States
Government nor any person acting on behalf of the United States

Government assumes any liability resulting from the use of the
information contained in this document, or warrants that such use
will be free from privately owned rights.

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