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experiments and experiences

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Minor Compositions

Other titles in the series:

Precarious Rhapsody – Franco “Bifo” Berardi
Imaginal Machines – Stevphen Shukaitis
New Lines of Alliance, New Spaces of Liberty – Felix Guattari and Antonio
The Occupation Cookbook
User’s Guide to Demanding the Impossible – Laboratory of Insurrectionary
Spectacular Capitalism – Richard Gilman-Opalsky
Markets Not Capitalism – Ed. Gary Chartier & Charles W. Johnson
Revolutions in Reverse – David Graeber
Undressing the Academy – University for Strategic Optimism
Communization & its Discontents – Ed. Benjamin Noys
19 & 20 – Colectivo Situaciones
El Martillo – Eclectic Electric Collective
Occupy everything! Reflections on ‘why its kicking off everywhere’ – Ed. Ales-
sio Lunghi and Seth Wheeler
Punkademics – Ed. Zach Furness
Open Utopia – Thomas Moore & Stephen Duncombe
Contract & Contagion – Angela Mitropoulos
Squatting in Europe – Squatting Europe Kollective
The Undercommons – Fred Moten & Stefano Harney


Islam & Anarchism – Mohamed Jean Veneuse
The Lives of the Orange Men – Major Waldemar Fydrich
FutureChe – John Gruntfest & Richard Gilman-Opalsky
Art, Production and Social Movement – Ed. Gavin Grindon
Communists Must Write! – John Hutnyk
Hypothesis 891 – Colectivo Situaciones

As well as a multitude to come…

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