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Including some of the most important—both cultur-
ally and historically—countries in the Western hemi-
sphere, this portion of Europe comprises Denmark,
Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and the United
Kingdom. Given its role on the world stage, one might
think only the United Kingdom contained anything of in-
terest to the rest of Earth-Prime, but each country plays its
own unique part and any one of them could act as an in-
teresting new backdrop for a globe-spanning M&M series.

Sharing, as they do, a similar climate, some rough, but
beautiful terrain, and a rustic sensibility, the Scandinavian
countries are often conceived of as green meadows and
mountainsides populated by gorgeous Vikings. However,
each nation has its own distinct character, whether it’s
the Danes’ rich intellectual and artistic heritage, Finnish
egalitarianism and self-sufficiency, Norwegian
farming culture, the many provinces of
Sweden, each of which with their
own unique cultures, or any of
the other facets of these coun-
tries that set them apart
from one another.

Whereas England has
a long, robust history
with super-powered
heroes and villains,
most of the other
countries in this
region work to make
themselves significant
with regards to super-
beings in other ways.
Despite a long history
with magic and myth, this
part of the world is home to
some of the most advanced
scientific organizations in the
world. This dichotomy might seem
contradictory, but people here embrace
their past while pursuing their future, knowing
that either could hold the key to a better world.

The Scandinavian countries of Northern Europe share a
common history closely linked with the Norse pantheon.
In earlier centuries their influence was felt over the entire
land and the barrier between Asgard and Earth barely
existed. Trolls wandered the peaks of snowy mountains,
while dwarves toiled in the forges below them. The gods
themselves commanded their warriors on the battlefields
and the valkyrie collected the souls of the fallen. All this
ended with the creation of the Pact. Determined to see
humanity free itself from being merely playthings of the
gods, the Master Mage Simon Magus called upon ancient

forces and created a binding spell that would
change the very nature of the cosmos. Any

godly entity would no longer be able
walk the Earth unless called upon

by humans themselves for fear
of destroying all of reality,

and while this stopped
them from having any

direct control, they left
behind the means to
contact their follow-
ers in the forms of
talismans and touch-
stones. With the
gods banished, most
mystical creatures

also decided to return
to their home realms

but the odd exception
decided to stay, too fond

of Earth to leave. Most have
long since died out, hunted

by man, or isolated so far from
civilization they they’re rarely seen by


With magic removed, fewer super-powered individuals




Northern Europe


A group of villains who may have connections with Menace, or even be members of the group with connections and
operations all over Europe, have been operating in the northern portion of the E.U. Each of the members have names
derived from Scandinavian folklore:

• Elverpige: An almost supernaturally beautiful woman with mind control powers that easily enthral members of the
opposite sex.

• Dragur: A brilliant scientist that once worked for ASTRO Labs before stealing a suit that grants both invisibility and
phasing powers.

• Troll: A refugee from the separation of Asgard from Midgard, or Earth. He recently awoke from a centuries-long
slumber and developed an interest in Norwegian black metal music.

• Mara: A vicious woman with dream-altering and nightmare-based powers. She once held an entire town under her
sway and forced the inhabitants to kill one another for her own amusement.

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appeared in the area and it wasn’t until the global resur-
gence during the 1930s and 40s that there was anyone
who could be considered a costumed hero. As with most
nations, World War Two brought these heroes to the
fore but as the Nazi war machine rolled across Northern
Europe, few of them survived occupation. With almost
any chance of heroic legacies removed, every threat in the
years since that was not big enough to catch the attention
of the Freedom League, or other globe-spanning heroes,
has been dealt with by local police, UNISON or more rarely
the NATO SWORD teams. It’s possible the authorities will
soon find themselves outmatched first by the incursion of
SHADOW into the region and secondly from a pan-Euro-
pean group of villains that go by the name of Menace.

Almost all of the Scandinavian countries have been
looking for a way to address the unbalance caused by a
lack of local superhumans. Denmark took a very direct
approach financing the Lund Life Sciences laboratories in
hope of a solution rather than relying on UNISON or other
agencies should problems arise. Because of this, Demark
is the smallest contributor to the financing of the SWORD
(Special Western Operations for Recon and Defense) super
group set up by NATO, deciding instead that Lund’s re-
search should be the priority. (For more on SWORD see
Atlas of Earth-Prime: Western Europe.)


Lund Life Sciences in Copenhagen is one of the most
advanced biological laboratory facilities in Europe and
has devoted the last decade to the study of the genetic
makeup of super-powered individuals. A huge database
has been built up over the years, which is likely larger than
anyone actually realises, as Lund’s agents travel the globe
in search of genetic samples and are not averse to gaining
them through illicit means. The reason for this is a simple
one; they plan on creating their own superhelt, or super-
heroes, in order to safeguard the country.

In 1939 the Nazis signed a ten-year non-aggression pact
with Denmark which they promptly broke the following
year. They rode into the country demanding the Danish
government surrender and immediately turn over all its

super-powered individuals; otherwise it would begin
bombing Copenhagen. A small force of the Danish army
aided by several supers attempted to resist the occupation
but they fell quickly to the Nazis’ superior numbers and their
Übersoldatan commander Johann Meinhoff. Within hours
the Danish government capitulated to the occupying force
and allowed the Nazis to take control. Most Danish para-
normals left alive surrendered as commanded and were
never seen again. The few who remained free, died fighting
as members of the resistance in the following years.

In the decades after the war, very few Danish paranormals
made themselves known, and those that did were more
villainous than heroic. While UNISON and local police were
able to handle a majority of cases, the Danish government
decided their lack of superhelt could not be allowed to con-
tinue. They made a deal with Anders Lund, the country’s
leading geneticist, to shift the focus of his research from
curing illnesses to the theory of a “super-gene.” So far the
research has been going well, but it hasn’t resulted in any
super-powered beings, much to the disappointment of
Lund and the government and—unknown to them—more
nefarious organisations. Both Vanguard and SHADOW have
taken an interest in Lund’s research in the hopes of finding
a reliable way to add super powers to their agents and
clones, or gain access to their database, which would offer
a library of power types and their genetic templates. A third
group has also been keeping an eye on Lund’s progress; the
Labyrinth. The criminal organisation has been monitoring
the entire situation since it began and has considered of-
fering the Danish government their services. They would
of course include their usual brainwashing to the process
in order to gain agents in Northern Europe, and with it, its
untapped potential.

Finland weathered a unique threat during WWII. It fought
two conflicts against the Russians and one against Nazi
Germany which, combined, all but wiped out its small su-
perhuman population. After the war Finland adopted an
official policy of neutrality before finally joining the U.N.
The government of Finland is apparently content with the
current state of affairs in the E.U., despite the problems
that plague some of the other member countries. Thus,
they allow UNISON to deal with any problems that arise in
the region. Soon, however, Finland will face two danger-
ous threats and a third that could prove to be its downfall
or salvation.


Although tensions between Finland and Russia date back
to their fight for independence in 1917, they truly escalat-
ed during the Winter War of 1939. The latter conflict lasted
just two years but fueled feelings of resentment between
the two countries that last to this day, not helped in any
way by recent developments.

During the late 1940s, Finland was plagued by a series
of UFO sightings that lingered over Helsinki for several
consecutive nights before ending abruptly when one of


Some of Northern Europe speaks English, but most of the
countries have different native languages, some of which
can be difficult for foreign readers to pronounce and un-
derstand. Below is a list of names and words used in this
entry along with their pronunciation and meaning

Kantele (kan-tell-ey): A stringed instrument similar to a
zither or harp.

Manteis (man-tay-iss): An Irish diviner or seer.
Skjaldmeyjar (skald-may-jar): Shieldmaiden.
Väinämöinen (vay-nai-moy-nen) a hero from the Finnish

national epic Kalevala, väinä means stream pool.
Biovidenskab (be-o-vid-skab-ey)

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Aesa Grimsdotter’s life was always a charmed one and by
the time she could hold a sword she already exhibited
skills greater than any boy twice her age. By her sixteenth
winter, Aesa had already established herself as an equal to
any warrior in the clan, but she was eager to prove herself
capable of even more. Setting off to hunt by herself, she
became lost in a snowstorm that started without warning,
and for two hours she huddled behind some rocks as the
cold bit at her flesh. Stopping as quickly as it started, the
blizzard eased and Aesa found herself greeted by two
ravens circling overhead. Somehow she knew that they
were trying to tell her something and when they flew
away from her, she knew they were trying to lead her
somewhere and it was her destiny to follow.

For two more hours she trudged through the fallen snow
before finding the ravens pecking at what appeared to
be a small stone box half buried in the ground. Prying it
open she found a hammer, its metal gleaming unnaturally
in the sun. As she picked it up she felt a surge of power
jolt through her body, she grew more muscular and she
gained knowledge of powers she had gained, she finally
knew who she was, Odin’s Shieldmaiden.

From that day onward, Aesa’s life was different. She threw
herself into her new role, and even after the gods re-
treated to their own plane, she continued to praise their
name in battle. In the 1st century she fought against the
Romans, in the 8th century she lead raids on London, but
after fighting in the Norwegian civil war of 1130 C.E. she
found that with her clan long gone, she no longer knew if
the country she once loved truly existed anymore. Decid-
ing she would be better suited living alone, she withdraw
to a small cabin in the mountains, vowing to spend the
rest of her life there.

That changed in 1940 as the Nazi war machine rolled
across Europe, when Norway faced invasion—even after
declaring itself neutral. Travelling to Oslo, Aesa offered
her services to the government and for two months she
proved her worth fighting alongside the resistance, but
by June it seemed inevitable the Nazis would win and she
was asked to escort King Haakon VII and several officials
as they escaped to London, England, a place she had last
seen 800 years prior. The operation was a success, and
while the exiles helped organize the resistance against
the Nazis’ now-collaborative Norwegian government,
Aesa, under the name Skjaldmeyjar, teamed up with the
Allies of Freedom, Britannia, and several others to help
defend the UK, saving the life of Winston Churchill on at
least two occasions.

After the war, Aesa returned to Norway and inspired by
her allied friends, continued her heroic career fighting
against the forces of SHADOW, particularly Ragnarok,
who she saw as a dark reflection of herself. The fight con-
tinues to this day, with Ragnarok’s obsession with Aesa
greater than ever. SHADOW built a second European
base of operations on Soroya Island several years ago,
and Ragnarok convinced Overshadow to allow him to
run it. Naming it Hammerheart, he oversees SHADOW’s
plans for Europe, but his secondary motivation is to
bring Skjaldmeyjar down, even if it takes all the forces he
has on hand to do so.

Sweden is one of two Scandinavian countries that is not a
member of NATO, so officially SWORD does not perform
any missions within its borders. While the inland seems
content with the situation, Sweden petitioned for the
largest UNISON Headquarters in the region to be built
here, driven by a desire from coastal regions. Sweden has
always managed to keep on top of paranormal problems
using mundane means or by hiring specialists. However,
looming extraterrestrial influences threaten its security.
In addition, recent UNISON losses could point to a much
larger security concern for the country.


A new narcotic has found its way onto the streets Stock-
holm going by the name of purple haze, a thick, viscous
liquid that grants seemingly random powers moments
after it is consumed. It is thought to be a derivative of zoom
and max, which are found predominantly in Freedom City.
Its real origins are slightly more complex.

Recent events in Emerald City have brought the Earth
under the scrutiny of the galactic community in general,
but a small faction of the Stellar Khanate decided to play a
more active role. They arrived on Earth a few months ago
with the intention of expanding their criminal empire by
selling a new concoction which provided humans with
a fantastic high, a burst of super powers, and was also
highly addictive.

Unknown to the members of the Khanate, one of their
members is a Grue infiltrator with an agenda of his own.
The drug works as intended, but because of the changes
the infiltrator made, it has side effect that creates a low-lev-
el psychic link to the Grue Meta-mind. After taking the drug
four or five times, the user finds their dreams plagued with
images of a strange, alien being (the Meta-mind), its “voice”
whispers to them in strange words and images. After ten of
so uses the connection is so intense it is almost as strong as
that of a normal Grue drone. The addicts become human-
drones and lay in wait as sleeper agents until activated
by the Meta-mind. Unfortunately for the Grue and their
victims, the initial psychic connection with such a vast alien
mind drives almost half of the users to madness or suicide.
The Grue plan to correct this problem as soon as they can,
but further testing is required and the Khanate members
have started to notice they’re losing repeat customers than
they anticipated. Local police are aware of this new drug
and its ability to give users super powers, but as of yet
have no idea as to the source of the drug, nor have they
managed to acquire a sample.


As UNISON’s largest base in Northern Europe, the Stock-
holm headquarters should be in much better condition
than it is. Currently manned by Major Allen Haglund and
a skeleton crew, the base is responsible for co-ordinating
almost every mission that takes place in the area. The
current state of affairs is due to a series of massive loses

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the base suffered at the hands of the villain team known as
Menace, and then when a dimensional tear swallowed an
entire village as well as all the agents sent to investigate it.

With Hagland waiting for his new officers to be assigned to
the base, villains have been taking advantage of UNISON’s
lack of resources by staging more outrages schemes.
This hole in security has also allowed SHADOW to plant
their own agents in UNISON, but none have (yet)
managed to gain access to the UNISON security
network. It is only a matter of time before one is
able to do so, and when it happens, Northern
Europe and possibly the world may have to
suffer the consequences.

The Stockholm headquarters is one of the
first places PCs should visit if they need to
liaise with local UNISON forces or gain infor-
mation about any villains that operate in the
region. Hagland himself is a veteran UNISON
officer, having served for nearly 20 years, but the
base’s current situation is a serious burden. His
guilt at the loss of so many agents has caused him
to question his judgement, and his fear of making
the wrong decision again could endanger the lives of the
very people he is sworn to protect.

Ireland has had a long history with their supers and while
they have been few in number, most of them have been
highly regarded; their names inscribed on many a pub
sign. The two most significant supers currently active in
the country both have origins dating back to prehistory,
one wishes to defend his country, one wishes to enslave
it. While the Irish government is entirely separate from its
neighbors, Northern Ireland and England, its approach to
the management of supers is handled in a similar fashion.
Being responsible for the safety of the country the au-
thorities understands dangers exist that only supers have
a chance of defeating, and keeping a number of them on
their side is a sensible idea.


Ireland (or Éire, in the modern Irish tongue) has a mysti-
cal dynasty even greater than that of its neighboring
countries of the United Kingdom largely due to the in-
fluences of the Formorians, which are remants of a slave
race created by the Serpent People, and the Tuatha Dé
Danann, survivors of the once great city of Atlantis. While
the Formorians managed to bring superior Lemurian
technology with them when they escaped their Serpent
People masters, a number of them became masters of
dark, chaotic magic, creating artifacts and talismans of
their very own.

In 33 C.E., a minor mage, Cormac Mac Eogan, heard rumors
that ancient items of power existed and devoted his life
to recovering and studying them. For the next decade,
Cormac searched the green fields of Ireland and managed
to find three artifacts: a dagger with an enchanted blade,
a torc of invisibility, and a large black gem that burnt with

STR 3 STA 2 AGL 2 DEX 3 FGT 5 INT 8 AWE 10 PRE 8

Powers: Magic (Array (28 points), all Dynamic, Call of Chaos
(Ranged Damage 14 (magic), AE: Grip of Fear (Ranged
Affliction 14 (Resisted and Overcome by Will; Dazed, Stunned,
Paralyzed)), AE: Illusion (Illusion 5, all sense types), AE: Lead the
Weak (Burst Area 2 (60 feet) Continuous Affliction 4 (Resisted
and Overcome by Will; Entranced, Compelled, Controlled), AE:
Sense Magic (Detect Magic 2, Awareness, Analytical, Extended
3), AE: Teleport (Teleport 9 (2 miles), Accurate); Dagger of
Woe (Strength-based Damage 4, Penetrating 4, linked to
Weaken Magic 8, Broad (magical traits)); Gem of Black Flame
(Immunity 11 (Aging, Life Support)); Runic Tattoos of Defense
(Protection 14); Torc of the Unseen (Concealment 4, all visual
senses, Removable (-2 points))

Advantages: Contacts, Favored Foe (Magic Wielders), Ritualist

Skills: Close Combat: Small Blades 7 (+12), Expertise: Irish
History 7 (+15), Expertise: Magic 10 (+18), Insight 3 (+13),
Investigation 2 (+10), Perception 2 (+12), Persuasion 6 (+14),
Ranged Combat: Magic Array 9 (+12), Stealth 4 (+6)

Offense: Initiative +2, Call of Chaos +12 (Ranged, Damage 14),
Dagger of Woe +12 (Close, Damage 7 linked to Weaken Magic
8), Unarmed +5 (Close, Damage 3)

Defense: Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 10, Toughness 16, Will 16

Power Points: Abilities 82 + Powers 84 + Advantages 3 + Skills
25 + Defenses 27 = 221

Complications: Motivation—Power: Manteis is obsessed
with obtaining the powers of Britannia as well as other mystical
knowledge. Power Loss: Manteis cannot use his Magic array if
he is unable to speak and make gestures.


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STR 11 STA 2 AGL 2 DEX 2 FGT 8 INT 2 AWE 2 PRE 4

Powers: Invulnerable (Protection 10); Light of Albion (array;
Blinding Beam (Ranged Cumulative Affliction 11 (Resisted
by Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude; Visually Impaired, Visually
Disabled, Visually Unaware), Limited to Vision only), AE:
Healing Light (Healing 11), AE: Light Blast (Ranged Damage
11, light, mystic), AE: Shielding Light (Line Area Deflect 11);
Soar the Skies (Flight 7 (250 MPH); Spirit of Britain (Enhanced
Abilities 16 (Fighting 6, Strength 10), Enhanced Defenses
14 (Dodge 6, Fortitude 6, Will 2), Enhanced Advantages 10
(Ranged Attack 9; Quick Change into costume)

Advantages: Great Endurance, Inspire, Ranged Attack 9

Skills: Athletics 3 (+14), Close Combat: Unarmed 3
(+11), Expertise: Current Events 2 (+4), Expertise:
History 4 (+6), Expertise: Physician 6 (+8), Insight 8
(+10), Perception 6 (+8), Persuasion 8 (+12),
Treatment 8 (+10)

Offense: Initiative +2, Blinding Beam +11
(Ranged, Cumulative Affliction 11, Dodge/Fort.
DC 21), Light Blast +11 (Ranged, Damage 11),
Unarmed +11 (Close, Damage 11)

Defense: Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 10,
Toughness 12, Will 12

Power Points: Abilities 34 + Powers 105 +
Advantages 2 + Skills 24 + Defenses 14 = 179

Complications: Motivation—
Responsibility: Having taken the
mantle of Britannia, Margaret feel
responsible to use her powers for the
good of her nation and people.

Margaret Collins was finishing medical school in London
when a terrorist attack struck the city’s Underground
system. Heedless of her own safety, Margaret responded
to help people injured in the attack. While providing first-
aid for a victim, she was caught in a partial tunnel col-
lapse. Blacking out, Margaret had a vision of a shining,
regal woman who praised her bravery and told her Britain
needed a woman like her. She offered Margaret the op-
portunity to aid her country and her people, and she ac-

In a flash of golden light, Margaret Collins was trans-
formed, becoming the latest incarnation of Britannia,

Defender of the Isles, Lioness of Britain. She easily
heaved tons of rubble off of her and brought

victims of the attack to safety, assisting with
rescue and triage efforts. Naturally, the media

immediately picked up on the appearance
of a new Britannia and the story quickly

spread around the world. The terrorist
who staged the attack made another

attempt and, this time, Britannia was
able to thwart it and capture many

of them.

In the time since her empow-
erment, Margaret has started

working at a hospital in
London. She has kept

her identity secret, but
quickly drew the atten-

tion of British authori-
ties, like the Ministry of

Powers, as well as elements
of the superhuman community.

Mrs. Pennington reached out to
her and has become a friend and mentor,

telling Margaret some of what she can expect
as the new Britannia. The Ministry would natu-
rally prefer Britannia working under their aegis,
but she prefers to remain independent for the
time being. Adrian Eldrich and other members
of Earth’s mystical community are well aware

of Britannia’s return, and Eldrich, Rhymer,
and others believe it portends an increased
need for such mystic guardians as she. From

their brief encounters, Britannia consid-
ers Thomas Rhymer both infuriating
and strangely attractive, although she
wouldn’t tell him that right now.

For her part, Margaret Collins juggles her
medical studies to become a full-fledged
doctor, her duties as Britain’s mystical

guardian, learning about her powers
and responsibilities, and occasional

attempts to have a personal life. If
the increasing number of super-
powered threats in Great Britain

is any indication, she’s going to
have her hands full for some time.

The Institute itself has become one
massive time paradox. Founded by a
time traveller and based around tech-
nology far ahead of its time. Its very
existence has an effect on the stability
of the current timeline. The Associates
can sense that something is very wrong
and the Institute is largely responsible
for the fluidity of time itself in this era, but
so far they have not been able to track the
cause back to the Institute.


Anne Pennington was invested during the
Blitz with the power of the Spirit of Britain, giving
her the mantle of Britannia, Defender of the Isles.
She operated in Britain and Europe during the
Second World War, helping protect London
and other vital sites as well as engaging
German super-soldiers in battle. Eldrich
once implied Britannia and Lady Liberty’s
powers stemmed from a similar source, although, as
usual, the Master Mage declined to elaborate. Although
she lost the power of Britannia decades ago, Anne Pen-
nington remains surprisingly vital, the grand-dame of the
British super-set.


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Mutants & MasterMinds atlas of earth-PriMe: northern euroPe

Writing and Design: Ade Smith and Steve Kenson
Editing and Development: Jon Leitheusser
Art Direction: Hal Mangold
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Interior Art: Storn Cook, Sean Izaakse, Scott James, Uko

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Mutants & Masterminds Atlas of Earth-Prime: Northern Europe
is ©2014 Green Ronin Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.
References to other copyrighted material in no way consti-

tute a challenge to the respective copyright holders of that
material. Mutants & Masterminds, Super-powered by M&M,
Green Ronin, and their associated logos are trademarks of
Green Ronin Publishing, LLC.

The following is designated as Product Identity, in ac-
cordance with Section 1(e) of the Open Game License,
Version 1.0a: hero points, power points. All characters and
their associated images, descriptions, backgrounds, and
related information are declared Product Identity. The fol-
lowing text is Open Gaming Content: all game system rules
and material not previously declared Product Identity.

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