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2 Special ReportABB Review

A winning formula
ABB has found the right formula to be a leading player in the
drives market.

DMI – a milestone in the development of DC motors
ABB’s DMI motor range has many advantages including high
power, a wide speed range and small dimensions.

ACS50 – Sizing up the consumer
The new variable-speed microdrive targets new markets like the
consumer industry.

Protecting the environment
ABB produces motors and drives using environmentally friendly
and energy efficient technology.

Improving motor efficiency
Energy efficient motors effect customers’ costs and therefore their
profitability and competitiveness.

Compact and complete: ABB’s industrial drive, ACS800
ABB’s ACS800 Industrial drive is an energy saving, compact drive
which can be connected to almost any control system.

Smaller and smarter – the future of AC drives
Drives are becoming more intelligent, with better communications
and are easier to install and control.

New roles for permanent magnet technology
ABB’s permanent magnet technology has found its way into
marine applications and wind power generators.

Synchronous superlatives
A new generation of high power fixed speed motors allows
electric drives into markets once dominated by mechanical drives.

Powering Troll
Using HVDC Light® technology and VHV motors, power is
supplied from land to platforms offshore.

Service is key to unlocking drives potential
ABB delivers high technical competence with a comprehensive
level of service for products during every lifecycle stage.

Simplicity at your fingertips
The ACS550 standard drive is the easiest drive on the market to
install and use, and it has the lowest THD.

Tailor made!
A new advanced production line can manufacture customized
variable-speed drives in the power range 50 kVA to 610 kVA.















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