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TitleMoshell Command
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2 Installation, and user settings

3 Command syntax, regular expressions

4 Command descriptions

5 Lazy

6 Scripting

7 Utilities

8 Server Maintenance

9 Offline Mode and Multi Mode

Type: - h <command> to view command description, e.g: h pget

- h <pattern> to view commands whose description match a string, e.g: h change.*prompt

- h <chapter> to view a chapter, e.g: h 3

AC1RNC1> m



Command Name Purpose (type "h <command>" for detailed help on a command)



mom[aptcdbrflou] Print description of MO classes, CM/FM attributes, actions, enums and


lt/clt/ltc[1-9] Load MO tree (full or partial) and build proxy table.

lc[1-9]/lcc Load MO tree (full or partial) and build proxy table.

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