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Table of Contents
Foreword by Elliot Weissbluth, founder and CEO of HighTower
Introduction by Marc Benioff, founder and CEO of
Section 1: Welcome to the Jungle: The Journey Begins with this First Step
	Chapter 1.1: It’s Your Money! It’s Your Life! Take Control
	Chapter 1.2: The 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom: Create an Income for Life
	Chapter 1.3: Tap the Power: Make the Most Important Financial Decision of Your Life
	Chapter 1.4: Money Mastery: It’s Time to Break Through
Section 2: Become the Insider: Know the Rules before you Get in the Game
	Chapter 2.0: Break Free: Shattering the 9 Financial Myths
	Chapter 2.1: Myth 1: The $13T Lie: “Invest with Us. We’ll Beat the Market!”
	Chapter 2.2: Myth 2: “Our Fees? They’re a Small Price to Pay!”
	Chapter 2.3: Myth 3: “Our Returns? What You See Is What You Get”
	Chapter 2.4: Myth 4: “I’m Your Broker, and I’m Here to Help”
	Chapter 2.5: Myth 5: “Your Retirement Is Just a 401(k) Away”
	Chapter 2.6: Myth 6: Target-Date Funds: “Just Set It and Forget It”
	Chapter 2.7: Myth 7: “I Hate Annuities, and You Should Too”
	Chapter 2.8: Myth 8: “You Gotta Take Huge Risks to Get Big Rewards!”
	Chapter 2.9: Myth 9: “The Lies We Tell Ourselves”
Section 3: What’s the Price of Your Dreams? Make the Game Winnable
	Chapter 3.1: What’s the Price of Your Dreams?: Make the Game Winnable
	Chapter 3.2: What’s Your Plan?
	Chapter 3.3: Speed It Up: 1. Save More and Invest the Difference
	Chapter 3.4: Speed It Up: 2. Earn More and Invest the Difference
	Chapter 3.5: Speed It Up: 3. Reduce Fees and Taxes (and Invest the Difference)
	Chapter 3.6: Speed It Up: 4. Get Better Returns and Speed Your Way to Victory
	Chapter 3.7: Speed It Up: 5. Change Your Life—and Lifestyle—for the Better
Section 4: Make the Most Important Investment Decision of Your Life
	Chapter 4.1: The Ultimate Bucket List: Asset Allocation
	Chapter 4.2: Playing to Win: The Risk/Growth Bucket
	Chapter 4.3: The Dream Bucket
	Chapter 4.4: Timing Is Everything?
Section 5: Upside Without the Downside: Create A Lifetime Income Plan
	Chapter 5.1: Invincible, Unsinkable, Unconquerable: The All Seasons Strategy
	Chapter 5.2: It’s Time to Thrive: Storm-Proof Returns and Unrivaled Results
	Chapter 5.3: Freedom: Creating Your Lifetime Income Plan
	Chapter 5.4: Time to Win: Your Income Is the Outcome
	Chapter 5.5: Secrets of the Ultrawealthy (That You Can Use Too!)
Section 6: Invest Like the .001%: The Billionaire’s Playbook
	Chapter 6.0: Meet the Masters
	Chapter 6.1: Carl Icahn: Master of the Universe
	Chapter 6.2: David Swensen: A $23.9 Billion Labor of Love
	Chapter 6.3: John C. Bogle: The Vanguard of Investing
	Chapter 6.4: Warren Buffett: The Oracle of Omaha
	Chapter 6.5: Paul Tudor Jones: A Modern-Day Robin Hood
	Chapter 6.6: Ray Dalio: A Man for All Seasons
	Chapter 6.7: Mary Callahan Erdoes: The Trillion-Dollar Woman
	Chapter 6.8: T. Boone Pickens: Made to Be Rich, Made to Give
	Chapter 6.9: Kyle Bass: The Master of Risk
	Chapter 6.10: Marc Faber: The Billionaire They Call Dr. Doom
	Chapter 6.11: Charles Schwab: Talking to Chuck, the People’s Broker
	Chapter 6.12: Sir John Templeton: The Greatest Investor of the 20th Century?
Section 7: Just do it, Enjoy it, and Share it!
	Chapter 7.1: The Future Is Brighter Than You Think
	Chapter 7.2: The Wealth of Passion
	Chapter 7.3: The Final Secret
7 Simple Steps: Your Checklist for Success
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will go up. When you’re buying real estate that has
income associated with it (a rental unit, an apartment
building, commercial real estate, an REIT, or an index
that holds these), Shiller points out you have two ways
to win. You make income along the way and if the
property increases in value, you also have the
opportunity to make money when you sell on the

4. This category includes gold, silver,
oil, coffee, cotton, and so on. Over the years, gold has
been considered the ultimate safe haven for many
people, a staple of their Security Bucket, and
conventional wisdom said it would only go up in value
during uncertain times. Then its price dropped more
than 25% in 2013! Why would you invest in gold?
You could keep a small amount in your portfolio that
says, “In case paper money disappears, then this is a
little portion of my security.” You know, if all hell
breaks loose, and the government collapses under a
zombie invasion, at least you’ve got some gold (or
silver) coins to buy yourself a houseboat and head to
sea. (On second thought, can zombies swim?)
Otherwise gold probably belongs in your
Risk/Growth Bucket. You’d invest in it as protection
against inflation or as part of a balanced portfolio, as
we will learn later on, but you have to accept the risk.
So don’t kid yourself: if you buy gold, you’re betting it

Page 564

will go up in price. Unlike many other investments,
there’s no income from this investment like you
might get in stocks from dividends or from income-
producing real estate or bonds. So gold could be a
good risk or a bad one, but it goes in your
Risk/Growth Bucket for sure. This is not an attack on
gold. In fact, in the right economic season, gold is a
superstar performer! That’s why in chapter 5.1,
“Invincible, Unsinkable, Unconquerable: The All
Seasons Strategy,” you’ll see why it can be invaluable
to have a small portion of gold in your portfolio.

5. Currencies. Got a yen to buy some yen? Since all
currency is just “paper,” currency investing is pure
speculation. There are people who make a fortune in
it and even more who lose a fortune. Currency trading
is not for the faint of heart.

6. Collectibles. Art, wine, coins, automobiles, and
antiques, to name a few. Once again, this asset class
requires very special knowledge or a lot of time on

7. Structured Notes. What are these doing in
buckets? Because there are different types of
structured notes. Some have 100% principal
protection, and those can go in your Security Bucket,
as long as the issuing bank is financially solid. Then
there are other kinds of notes that give you higher
potential returns, but only partial protection if the

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