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Cooler upgrade
paves way for future
production boost

The grate cooler at Capitol Aggregates in San Antonio,
Texas, was performing well, with low maintenance
and dependable operation since its installation in 1995.
But Capitol wanted to be prepared for a rebounding
cement market once the recession loosened its grip.
The new FLSmidth Cross-BarTM Cooler was a natural
fi rst step towards greater capacity

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Virtually the entire Capitol Aggregates

plant has run on FLSmidth equipment

since its startup more than 25 years ago.


FLSmidth was looking
for a partner to install
its new cross-bar cooler;
Capitol Aggregates was
eager to expand capacity.
It was a very cool match

Preparing for the
future with a new
cooler standard

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A few years earlier, Capitol Aggregates had permanently shut
down its wet kiln. In 2010 the plant still had the additional
grinding capacity, and Capitol was looking to gain an extra
10% production from the existing calciner system as the
market improved. FLSmidth approached them with a
recommendation for how to achieve it.

“We know the next-generation coolers are much better in
terms of heat recovery as well as maintenance,” says Gerry
McKervey, Plant Manager, Capitol Aggregates. “We decided
to go ahead and get the benefi t of the new cooler earlier
than was necessary from a purely maintenance savings
perspective. We believe the downturn in the cement market
is temporary, and we decided to install this cooler in a year
when the downtime was not a problem.”

While reliable, Capitol’s existing cooler – an FLSmidth CFG
(Controlled Flow Grate) cooler – would not have supported
any signifi cant production increases. The new FLSmidth
Cross-Bar Cooler upgrade puts Capitol in the position to
achieve the extra 10% capacity once they make further
modifi cations to their pyro system.

“Even though this new cooler is capable of cooling more
clinker, we have bottlenecks in other parts of the pyro
system,” says McKervey. “It’s a two-step process.
This fi rst step didn’t give us any capacity, but it was necessary
to be able to go to the second step. Now we’re working
with FLSmidth to do the other things that are necessary.”

Making the best better
The FLSmidth Cross-Bar Cooler represents the latest evolution
in cross-bar technology. It takes the best elements of proven
FLSmidth cooler designs and refi nes them even further –
resulting in a cooler that gives the highest standard in clinker
cooling technology at a highly attractive investment level.

Similar to previous cross-bar coolers from FLSmidth, which
revolutionised the way clinker coolers are installed, operated
and maintained, the FLSmidth Cross-Bar Cooler features a
stationary grate line with no undergrate spillage or conveying
system, separation of the conveying and cooling systems,
air distribution plates with mechanical fl ow regulators, and
modular construction. In the FLSmidth Cross-Bar Cooler, all
cross bars are movable and reciprocate so as to optimise
transport effi ciency and enable horizontal installation.

“It’s a new cooler but not a new cooler,” explains Steven
Miller, Product Manager, Pyroprocessing Technology at
FLSmidth Inc. “It’s based on proven cross-bar technology and
is an evolution of the design that grew out of feedback from
having sold more than 230 cross-bar coolers.”

A thorough assessment
As always, FLSmidth reviewed the customer’s entire layout
from a mechanical, operational, civil and construction
standpoint before deciding how to proceed – and in this
case the back portion of the old cooler casing was reused.
But atypically, Capitol was in no rush since the upgrade was
scheduled for their winter shutdown.

“By using extensive 3D modelling on the project, we found
some interferences we were going to have early on and
made some modifi cations to our equipment to avoid
installation problems,” says Miller – an approach that was
much appreciated by the customer.

“The 3D modelling really showed the sequence of events for
the demolition and reinstallation and gave everybody a good
idea of exactly what was going to happen in what order,”
says Capitol’s McKervey.

A team approach
Asked to sum up how FLSmidth handled the project and
process in three words, McKervey didn’t hesitate: “Profes-
sional, dependable and cooperative.”

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