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Chapter 9 Setting Up the Duct Blaster for Depressurization Testing


Secure both the Flow Ring and round transition piece to the fan inlet flange using the black connecting trim.

Because the flexible extension duct and one of the Flow Rings must always be used when using the Duct Blaster

to conduct a depressurization test, the maximum air flow achievable during a depressurization test is

approximately 800 cfm.

9.2 Where to Install the Duct Blaster System?

See Section 5.1 - this section is the same for both pressurization and depressurization testing.

9.3 Connecting the Duct Blaster to the Duct System

See Sections 5.2.a (Option 1) and 5.2.b (Option 1).

Note: When conducting a depressurization test, the flexible extension duct must always be used to connect the

Duct Blaster to the duct system. In addition, once the flexible extension duct has been connected to the duct

system (at either a central return or the air handler cabinet), the flex duct should be stretched relatively straight

for about 4 feet in front of the Duct Blaster fan.

9.4 Gauge Tubing Connections for Depressurization Testing

The DG-700 Digital Pressure Gauge comes with 2 pieces of color coded tubing - a 15 foot length of green

tubing for measuring duct system pressure, and a 10 foot length of red tubing to measure fan pressure and flow.

In addition, a 30 foot length of clear hose is stored in the Duct Blaster carrying case. Connect the tubing to the

gauge(s) as shown below:

Connect the Green tubing to the

Chan A Input tap. The other end of

the Green tubing should be

connected to the duct system (see

section 9.5).

Optional fan

control cable

(for Cruise


Connect Chan A Ref tap to

inside of building (if gauge is

located in the building, leave

this tap open).

Connect the Red tubing to the

Chan B Input tap. The other

end of the Red tubing should be

connected to the brass tap in the

middle of the DB fan housing

(section 9.6.a).

Connect the Clear tubing

from the Chan B Ref tap to

the plastic tap on the Round

Transition Piece (section


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