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Sampath Kumar Medavarapu is a
practioner of astrology since 35 years.

He has written 8 books on astrology in

Telugu language which includes

Guru Shukra prabhavamu &

Chandra kala nadi. He is an M A in

Sanskrit and has translated 64

Tantras from sanskrit to Telugu

language. He has submitted several

research papers in national and

international conferences. His email

id is [email protected]

Satyacharya Method

Of Longevity


Sampath Kumar Medavarapu, India

SA Formatting: Mauricio Avila, Brazil.

here are some procedures

mentioned to calculate the

longevity in Varahamihira's

Bruhajjataka, like Manittha,

Jiva Sarma, Yavana and Satyacharya.

Among them, Satyacharya’s method is

preferred by Varaha Mihira, If

Ascendant is strong then only this

method will work. “Saravali” also

confirms this statement. If Sun is

strong then “Pindayurdaya” will work. If

Moon is strong then “Naisrgikaurdaya”

should be calculated.

Now I am going to explain

Satyacharya’s method and its conditions.

ग्रहभुक्त नवाांशराशश तुल्यां
बहु साम्यमुपैशत सत्य वाक्यम।्


Meaning: “According to Satyacharya,

the planetary years are the same as the

1 N. Chidambaram Ayyar, Bruhajjataka with
Bhattotpala Commentary, Published by Thirivadi
Jyothisha sabha, 1885, Madras.


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