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w w w . i t r o n . c o m


Based on the successful ACE9000 Taurus ISP
meter, the ACE9000 Taurus IBS meter (Integrated
BS prepayment meter) is the latest single phase
keypad based, prepayment meter in a British
Standard (BS) housing.

The meter is suitable for new reticulation as well as
retrofitting of credit meters with BS footprints (e.g.
Ferraris meters). The ACE9000 Taurus IBS meter
is fully compliant to SABS 1524, IEC 62052-11, IEC
62053-21 and STS standards.

Benefits and Features
The meter has a compact design for easy
installation and has a standard BS5685 footprint
for standardised mounting. Both symmetrical
(BS) and asymmetrical (DIN) wiring options are

All meters have a tamper detection switch. In the
event of tampering the meter can be programmed
(during manufacturing) either to automatically
disconnect the load or to log the tamper event while
allowing the load still to be connected.

The ACE9000 Taurus IBS meter is designed to
withstand extreme external conditions and is
manufactured to ISO9001 standards. The meter has
an IP54 rating (to be confirmed) and improved RF
immunity of 16V/m allowing it to be installed and
operated in harsh and humid environments.

For ease of use and user friendliness, all ACE9000
Taurus IBS meters include a LED rate indicator,
a status light showing status of the contactor,
indication of consumption, and a LCD.

The keypad when pressed has both tactile and
audible feedback. The acceptance or rejection of
a token is shown on the LCD. In addition the meter
stores and can display the last five tokens entered.
The Meter contains a sealable slot for retrofitting

The meter has a Utility Interrogation port via
auxiliary terminals located under the sealable
terminal cover.

Meter options
The ACE9000 Taurus IBS product range supports
the following options:
> Programmable audible low credit warning

threshold (in kWh)
> Maximum power limit setting (in W)
> Tamper switch operation: disconnection

or logging only
> Symmetrical (BS) or asymmetrical (DIN) wiring.

ACE9000 Taurus IBS
Integrated Single Phase Prepayment Electricity Meter

> ACE9000 Taurus IBS
- Maximum current of 80 A with Class

1 accuracy
- Standard BS Footprint for easy

- Symmetrical (BS) or asymmetrical

(DIN) terminal arrangement
- Tamper switch
- 20 Digit STS encryption
- Utility access port via auxiliary

terminals located under sealable
terminal cover

- Sealable slot for retrofitting Infopod

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