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	Advantages of Online Shopping
	Disadvantages of Online Shopping
	The History of Online shopping
	It is very easy to shop your favorite items from a large number of online shopping sites available on the internet. You can perform an online shopping from your home comfort. Here is no need to go to the crowed supermarkets or shopping malls during festival seasons. You just need a PC or a laptop and one necessary payment sending option to shop online.
		Disadvantage of shopping online!
2.Definition - What does Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)mean?
	Bernardine Wu is founder and CEO of FitForCommerce, a multichannel consulting firm that helps B2B companies and retailers define and execute growth strategies and select technologies. Other professionals at FitForCommerce also contributed to this article. Follow Wu and other FitForCommerce B2B commerce experts @FitForCommerce.
E-Commerce - B2B Model
	Key technologies
	Architectural Models

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