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Dear Parents and Students,

If you're looking to become a health professional, you face some very unique challenges.

Unlike entry into other University Courses which are strictly based on your ATAR, entry into

health courses, such as Medicine and Dentistry, not only require you to score a high ATAR,

but to perform extremely well in the UMAT, and a face-to-face interview.

Since 2004, Universities and professional bodies determined that being a successful health

practitioner requires more than just academic smarts; it also requires a strong

understanding of people, and a practical, logical mindset. And for better or worse, they have

devised a "multi-dimensional" UMAT and interview process, to test the very type of

intelligence that is not tested by the high school knowledge-based exams that you are

accustomed to. It is not uncommon for students who score ATARs in the top 1% of the

state struggling to get even average scores in UMAT.

All this can be rather daunting for the aspiring doctor, dentist, or health professional. In the

words of the test developers:

UMAT is a high-stakes test; that is, the results of the test have the potential to make a

major impact on the future career of the test taker

At MedStart, we believe that like all standardised tests, the UMAT exam can be thoroughly

decomposed, analysed and prepared for. Our results-focused courses help show

students the thinking skills needed to understand each section, teach simple and effective

frameworks to tackle every question type in the UMAT, and provide them with structured

practice to improve their accuracy and speed in solving these questions.

Most of all, our teaching is all conducted in small groups. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and

experienced teaching staff provide instruction with care and commitment to help you

develop the skills needed to master the UMAT.

In this document, we breakdown the different question types from each section of the

UMAT, and show you some of the basic frameworks used to solve these questions.

However, if you’re looking for exam practice, MedStart also provides a free full-length

UMAT Practice Paper which will show you your expected UMAT percentile, and the quality

of the MedStart UMAT Preparation Courses. We encourage you to tell your friends about

the Free UMAT Practice Paper, and challenge them beat your score.

If you're looking for the best chance to succeed in the UMAT, your journey starts here.

The MedStart Team.

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MedStart UMAT Prep Courses UMAT Sample & Practice Questions © MedStart

MedStart: Your Journey Starts Here.

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Answer: B

This question is relatively difficult. Students need to recognise “in this passage” and not

extrapolate beyond the scope of the passage.

It is incorrect to say option A as Ted does not show an inability to understand Beth’s

feelings, rather insists upon his opinion in spite of her reaction. This is evident in his “I know

it’s been hard…” where he clearly empathises with Beth.

Option C contradicts Beth’s attitude displayed at the beginning of the first passage in

comment 2 – “We’ve tried them all…” In listing all their previous attempts Beth

demonstrates that she is completely aware of the futility of these pathways, thus leading to

their current state.

It may be tempting for students to choose option D as it appears to be at the heart of the

problem. One could argue that if Beth wasn’t infertile, the conflict in the passage would not

exist. However the question is not asking for the source of the conflict, but what the conflict

revolves around which is slightly different. Students would also be inferring too much from

the passage, as there is no sign of resentment from Ted towards Beth’s infertility, only

mutual exasperation.

Thus option B is the best answer. By concentrating only on and within the scope of the

passage, the main argument between the couple seem to be over Ted’s wish to adopt and

Beth’s insistence on continuing with other treatment. This is supported by Beth’s closing

comment – “I never ever want to hear the word ‘adopt’ again!”

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Reflective Passages

UMAT Sample Questions 13 to 16 refer to the following excerpt –

The following passage relates to Daniel, who has lost his ability to speak and some mobility

after a stroke.

“Everyday I wake up and hear my wife, Lizzy, bustling about in the kitchen. I just don’t want

to get up. I know the minute I try to sit up and get out of bed, I’ll just be faced with my

inability to move my right arm and the heaviness of my right leg. It has taken me long

enough to get to this stage where I can walk, but it’s still with a limp. Some days, I can’t

stand to look at Lizzy’s bright smile and chirpy ‘Good morning!’ She isn’t able to understand

what I’m going through. So she can’t tell how much it affects me emotionally. I can’t call out

my kids’ names to wake them up. I can see how they try to avoid eye contact with me. I

don’t blame them. This shouldn’t have happened to me. I was young and healthy. How am I

meant to be a good husband and father to them...”

“I know what I want to say, the words have already formed in my head. But the minute I

open my mouth, those damn words just won’t come out. And this arm, this stupid, bloody

arm. What use is it? I should just cut it off and be done with it. Lizzy keeps nagging me to try

to move it. Doesn’t she get that it is paralysed? It can’t be moved. For god sakes, sometimes

I just want to yell at her. She has no idea what it’s like to be me. Does she think that I don’t

want to be normal again? All I do is wish that my body would just work properly! Now look

at me. I’m practically a vegetable. What’s the point living...”

UMAT Sample Question 13

Daniel’s mood throughout the passage goes from:

A) Upset to annoyed

B) Upset to angry

C) Self-pitying to annoyed

D) Self-pitying to angry

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Number games

UMAT Sample Question 26

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MedStart UMAT Prep Courses UMAT Sample & Practice Questions © MedStart

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Answer: C

It is difficult to determine where to begin looking for a pattern in this question. There seems

to be no pattern between the location of the numbers within the boxes, or within the

numbers themselves. It is important not to become overwhelmed here, and focus on the

simplest patterns first.

Regarding the number of numbers in each box, we can see that this increases from one

number to three numbers to five numbers to seven numbers. This may be a clue as to what

the number should be, as it is unlikely that it is a useless sequence.

A keen test taker would be able to note that the highest number in each subsequent box is

increasing. The highest number in box one is 1, in box two it is 3 and in box three it is 5.

There is a pattern evident here – the highest number each box is equivalent to the number

of numbers in the box.

Since there are seven numbers in the final box, the answer must be C, 7.

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