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Personal Statement Guide
Jeremy Shinewald

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“Carrol was my MGMAT class instructor, as well as my tutor. I have worked with her since
August 2007, and think she is the reason I have improved so much. She is strong because of her
positivity, enthusiasm, and mastery of EVERY concept thrown her way. She had excellent
explanations for MGMAT questions and questions from all GMAT prep programs, and did a
great job of applying MGMAT strategies to all of them. She knew how to do questions in many
di!erent ways, which was good to have on hand when approaching di"cult quant problems.
She had excellent methods for non-quant people, and could also tackle advanced algebra in a
way that was helpful for quant-reliant people.” “Way better than the other test prep companies.
Brings to light nuances and strategies that GMAT tests for that is not covered by other compa-
nies! Even Manhattan GMAT books were way better. Also, very good that program emphasized
precision to get the easy ones right and to have good reason to eliminate every choice
(basically opening your third eye and being responsible for choosing your answers). ” “Andrew
was engaging and enthusiastic about what he was presenting. His approach to solving prob-
lems and explaining how to #nd the best answers was thorough. He ensured that everyone
was on the same page before moving on to the next subject or problem.”””It was well balanced
and o!ered several ways to work the material. I enjoyed the practice tests and the perfor-
mance reports.” “Abby was a remarkable ambassador for MGMAT. She facilitated me switching
classes and received additional materials for prep. I would highly recommend her class as well
as private tutoring. “Personal nature and true sense and interest for students to do well. JR
does a great job in engaging the class and motivating us to do well. I can tell he really cares
that we do well. He is also very knowledgeable and does a great job in explaining the details.”
“The instructor is very knowledgeable about the GMAT, both in quant and verbal. He has the
ability to explain answers in a simplistic form.” “Sentence Correction- He did a great job at
everything but he really gave us harder questions and topics in SC that have really helped
improve my con#dence and knowledge in this area. Enthusiasm/having fun- Steve constantly
kept the class entertained by doing funny voices for hard or boring topics which made it much
easier to understand those topics. Multiple methods for the same answer- Steve did a great job
of making sure that if there were multiple ways to get to the same answer he explained them
all, including tricks and guessing strategies for questions. He really knows everything in the
course from quant to CR and SC and is able to actually teach all that material. He has a great
way of explaining topics in an easy to understand way and gives great feedback to students on
their answers. It's never just that's the wrong answer, he really explains why it's wrong and
how to avoid it in the future.” “*Enthusiastic - Eric always came to class with a lot of energy.
Teaching an evening class can be tough, but he always kept us on our toes. *Subject matter
expert - WOW! I attended a few make-up sessions w/other instructors, and while they were
also fabulous, Eric truly impressed me with his GMAT content and strategy expertise. *Went
above and beyond - Eric was always emailing us helpful resources, and consistently demon-
strated that he was willing to go above and beyond for his students (was always available
before and after class to answer questions).” “Eric is extremely enthusiastic about teaching the
courses which is very motivating to a student. He covers all the material, and challenges his
students with many problems. He seem genuinely willing to help his students.” “Outstanding,
extremely helpful, organized, and accomodating.” “I would highly recommend the class. Com-
pared to people I knew who took other courses the instruction and materials are far superior

“A Manhattan GMAT course is
worthwhile, valuable, and necessary
before the test.”

“The most fun you can have
preparing for a test!”

“Extremely engaging”

“Teaches you the foundational knowledge rather
than just how to unlock the tricks."

“The best GMAT prep there is.”

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