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	Outtake 1: First Sight
	Outtake 2: Chapter 15 (part)
	Outtake 3: Excerpt from Chapter 51
	Outtake 4: Chapter 57 Edward & Bella “Reconnect”
	Outtake 5: Irina Confrontation
	Outtake 6: Fifty’s First Christmas
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Page 848

~ 848 ~

Chapter 79

"And listen very carefully to what I say."

James' eyes flash, the darkest blue. Jeez, he's so angry… why? Fear chokes me. I almost

stop breathing. But from somewhere deep inside, in spite of my dry mouth, I find the

resolve and courage to squeeze out some words, my father's keep-them-talking-mantra

circling my brain like an ethereal sentinel.

"James, now might not be a good time for this. Your cab is due in ten minutes and I need to

give you all your documents." My voice is quiet but hoarse, betraying me.

He smiles, and it's a despotic, fuck-you smile that finally touches his eyes. They glint in the

harsh fluorescent glow of the strip light above us in the grey, windowless room. He takes a

step toward me, glaring at me intently, his eyes never leaving mine. His pupils are dilating

as I watch – the black eclipsing the blue. Oh no. And my fear escalates.

"You know I had to fight with Victoria to give you this job…" His voice trails off as he

takes another step toward me, and I step back against the dark grey wall cupboards. Keep-

him-talking, keep-him-talking, keep-him-talking…

"James, what exactly is your problem? If you want to air your grievances then perhaps we

should do this with Victoria present – since she's part of HR – in a more formal setting."

Where is Security? Are they in the building yet?

"We don't need HR to over-manage this situation Bella," he sneers. "When I hired you, I

thought you would be a hard worker. I thought you had potential. But now… I don't know.

You've become distracted and sloppy. And I wondered… is it your megabucks boyfriend

who's leading you astray? So I had a check through your email account to see if I could find

any clues. And you know what I found, Bella? Which was really strange? The only

personal emails in your account were to your hot-shot boyfriend." He pauses, assessing my


"And then I got to thinking… where are the emails from him? There are none. Nada.

Nothing. So what's going on, Bella? How come his emails to you aren't on our system? Are

you some company spy, planted in here by Cullen's organization? Is that what this is?"

Holy shit… the emails. Oh no. What have I said?

"James, what are you talking about?" I try for genuinely bewildered, and I am pretty

convincing. This conversation is not going as I expected. I still don't trust him in the

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